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    [ANDROID] Time for Reality - Stop using your phone!

    I've recently launched an app called Time for Reality.

    The idea behind the app is really simple, you set aside time away from your phone to focus on what is real in real life. You can set penalties for yourself or the group of people you're playing with.

    Play store Link:

    Some use cases are as follows:

    Friends / family gathering, everyone joins the game and pledge time to focus on talking and interacting with one another. Anyone who uses their phones will get tracked and penalties (e.g. pay a certain amount for X amount of time using phone) will be metered at the end of the game.
    Parents who want their kids to focus on studying/homework can play this game with them and monitor their phone usage.

    iOS coming soon.

    If there are any bugs or suggestions do let me know!

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    Excessive usage of the mobile phone especially smartphone can cause serious health issues mainly sleeping disorder. It is also a source of eye sight weekness as well. We need to limit the usage by taking necessary measures. Am I right folks?

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    The technology has ruined the balance of mankind. He is too indulged in their mobile phones that it is ruining thier relationshipls. Therefore, Time for Reality is the best application for us. It can help restore our relationships.

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    I think social media is emerging day by day and people love to spend some time on these sites.I really appreciate your efforts in this regard forproviding such a dascinating app for the nadroid users. I think we should remain real, feel real, watch real, and stay real, as well. Do you people agree?

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    LOL u need an app to tell you to get off the phone... confirm you addict already

    For me I've never used my phone aside from ACTUAL COMMUNICATIONS... ie, call people, SMS, Whatsapp. I don't even have Facebook account, and I don't even log in to those pre-installed TWitter or Instagram apps.

    I personally find it irritating when the friends I am out with hunched over their phones. So much so until I keep kacheowing them until they put their phones away. If you're OUT WITH FRIENDS, leave the phones in your pockets. We are all here already, no need "social media".

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