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    Singapore reserves grew 10.52% to US$286.96b

    Gold and forex reserves expanded 3.8% to $373.78b.

    Singapore’s official reserves in March climbed by 10.52% YoY from $259.64b in 2017 to $286.96b in 2018, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) revealed.

    According to preliminary data, gold and forex reserves gained 3.8% YoY from $360.08b to $373.78b.

    Meanwhile, Singapore's reserve position in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) hit $1.08m, whilst its special drawing rights dipped to $1.42m from last month.
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    Singapore is one of the growing economies in the world. All of these has to be credit of the good and leadership managment policies of the government. Their reserves and GDP are growing with each occuring day. It will one day be the hub of world economy.

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    This is a very good news for the people of Singapore. The fascinating thing is that the gold reserves increased drastically. I hope this progress rate continue for the upcoming years. Can anyone pin-point the factors that made this possible.

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    This is a very good news for the Singaporean people. These are remarkable stats. I hope that these stats will grow in the next few years. Singapore can become the major economic country in the Asia region. I hope that this dream can come true. What are your predictions?

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    Singapore is growing at a quick rate as the statistics suggest. It is making a huge reputation in the economical world as its reserves has reached up to a noticeable height. The trade is also growing up rapidly in this region of the world which is good for the whole economy. Do you agree?

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