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    [Warning] Ramly Burger Store near CCK MRT

    I went to CCK MRT today with my friends. Several hundred meters away there was a stall selling Ramly's Burger. I was so enthusiastic that after i saw several ppl bought the burgers, i ordered one from them too.

    One burger cost $3, i used to buy one at $2.50 in pasar malams. It was prolly due to inflation and rentals, that the price increased.

    I wanted beef, but only chicken and fish available. When she started to fry the patty, i realised that the patty looks more like those my mom bought from Cold Storage rather than those i saw at Pasar Malam. Normally Ramly Burger patty are dark red in colour without much coating, but the one i saw was brown with a thick flour coat. The burger used seems different also.

    After i made the purchase, i began to eat the burger pipe hot. Almost no juice ozze out, the burger was dry. The cheese was still unmolten in one corner, and the taste was so different. I remb all those Ramly's that i had was always exploding with juices and sauces, as well as molten cheeses. The taste i remb was pure shiokness and joy.

    For me, i think that using $3 to purchase a sub-standard Ramly's Burger was not worth it at all. But of course, everyone differ in taste, someone may find it alright or wonderful. Serious Ramly Burger lovers may want to exercise caution when purchasing from that stall.

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    seriously looks like crap. just go to tprs

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    the meat is really dry !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustRaied View Post
    seriously looks like crap. just go to tprs
    what's this? tprs?
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    I wanted beef, but only chicken and beef available.
    Whatever floats your boat...

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    Quote Originally Posted by reddevil0728 View Post
    typo, sorry. I will edit. thanks.

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    ramly getting quite expensive around some pasar malams...

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    Some pasar malams have 2 or 3 ramly burger shops, so get from there la, the competition is good for consumers

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    i just had mine last week at Bishan's pasar malam, top notch! + Power roti john and fried bee hoon!

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    any permanent Ramly stores in singapore?

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    There is one outlet near Aljunid MRT Station, opposite Paya Lebar Regional Library, I walk past for more than a year, but didn't have any urge to try although I tried one from Johor at only S$1.50

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    3 SGD... i rather top up more for a mos cheeseburger.

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    pasar malam ones nicer. saw ur pic, the meat realli different sia

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    Seems to be some normal cheapo burger, disguised as Rumly

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    how horrible!! noted. will not go there.

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