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    Cabby offered oral sex in toilet; NSF agreed but rob & beat cabby with friend

    Cabby offered oral sex, hit
    Probation, community service for two youth; third accused's case to be heard next week

    WHEN a 55-year-old cabby offered oral sex to a 20-year-old national serviceman in a public toilet, the younger man played along.

    Abdul Raheem Lailathul Sultanil Arebeen, a clerk with the Singapore Civil Defence Force, baited cabby Tan Ee Chang, saying that if he wanted, he could have oral sex with his friend, 19-year-old Sivaguru Nedunchelian, too.

    Abdul Raheem then went to his friend, who was waiting outside the toilet, and hatched a plan to chat up Mr Tan, lure him to a secluded spot and then rob him and beat him up.

    They carried out their plan, joined by an accomplice, 16-year-old Kishor Ramesh, a former student of the Institute of Technical Education.

    As a result, Mr Tan suffered bruises on his face and a back injury, and lost $600 in cash and valuables to the trio.

    On Thursday, Abdul Raheem and Kishor landed themselves periods of probation - two years for Abdul Raheem and 21 months for Kishor - for robbing Mr Tan in the wee hours last Dec 31. They are each also expected to complete 150 hours of community service. Sivaguru's case will come up for mention next Thursday.

    The court heard that Abdul Raheem initially rebuffed Mr Tan's offer in the Admiralty MRT station toilet, but the cabby persisted and even offered him $50 to agree to the act.

    After being introduced to Sivaguru, who is jobless, Mr Tan chatted with the two and even bought them beer and cigarettes from a nearby convenience store. He caressed Abdul Raheem on his chest and thigh as they were chatting.

    When their friend Kishor turned up, the three youth got Mr Tan to drive them to Sembawang Park.

    On the journey there, Mr Tan again touched Abdul Raheem's thigh and chest, and this time, his private parts as well, as he was in the front passenger seat.

    Source: Cabby offered oral sex, hit

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    nice one

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    lol i dunno how to react.

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    55 yo Cabbt << Male / Female ??

    If Male + Male
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    Quote Originally Posted by koohansen View Post
    55 yo Cabbt << Male / Female ??

    If Male + Male
    If you read it through,it states 'Mr Tan'.
    In another word,yes,Gay sex.

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    holy shiet

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    Some gays really deserve it lor...

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    no comments but definitely no pity for the cab driver.

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    LOL, this is so wrong.
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    eh so it is not wrong for the cabby to grope and touch NSF's private parts?
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