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    China 2-year-old baby smoker angers Netizens

    Video of 2-year-old baby smoker angers Netizens

    The boy picks a cigarette placed on his ear. An adult standing behind the camera gives him a lighter

    His actions are smooth and well practiced, suggesting that he is a seasoned hand at smoking despite being only two years old.

    The toddler taking another puff at the encouragement of his parents.

    He transfers the cigarette from one hand to the other, holding it between two fingers.

    After puffing away the entire stick, the boy drops the cigarette on the floor and concentrates on a sweet that was given to him by an adult.

    How would you react if you found your underaged child picked up smoking?

    Most parents would be upset, if not angry. But it seems one Chinese couple had no qualms about their baby boy picking up the unhealthy habit, in fact, they seemed to be overjoyed.

    In a video uploaded to a Chinese video sharing website, a toddler was seen lighting and smoking a cigarette while swearing expletives, with his parents and other adults egging him on.

    The video begins with several adults speaking to a toddler sitting on what looks like a motorcycle. The child had cigarette placed on his ear.

    A man, whose face was not captured by the camera, handed the child a lighter, of which the boy proceeded to pick the cigarette from his ear, put it in his mouth and light it.

    Despite the fact that most toddlers his age are not even allowed near a naked flame or a lighter, the boy in the video showed no fear of the lighter's flame. His actions were smooth and coordinated, showing that he is an experienced hand at smoking.

    Still sitting on the motorbike, the boy's parents were seen laughing and sounded pleased as he puffed away. The faces of the child's parents were not caught on camera, but the toddler's father was sitting behind him on the motorbike throughout the entire four and a half minute video.

    Puffing away at his cigarette, the toddler was seen to be encouraged by several other adults as he smoked the entire stick while swearing expletives.

    When he was done with the cigarette, the boy tossed it onto the floor. He was then handed a sweet by an adult, but had yet to learn how to undo the wrapper.

    The clip was found on YouKu, a Chinese video sharing site similar to YouTube. Information provided with the video indicated that the toddler featured in the clip was only two years old.

    Uploaded sometime in February this year, the incident was said to have taken place in Chongqing, China. The child and his family were said to bear the surname Zhou.

    The video clip has caused much furore among Netizens, with many leaving comments on the clip condemning the toddler's parents for allowing and encouraging him to smoke.

    A Netizen going by the name of Heng Yuang Jing Chang said, "From his actions, it is evident that the child is a seasoned smoker, even some adults might not be as experienced as he is. Why are the adults next to him not doing anything about it? They should be brought to court for this."

    Several other Netizens have also expressed anger at the boy's parents, and that the child's future was likely to be bleak.

    Video of 2-year-old baby smoker angers Netizens
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    but wasn't it reported earlier that the boy was borned with an illness and smoking helps to elevate the pain or reduce the symtomes or something like that....

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    I heard smokers cant get H1N1.

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    could be the child of a gang boss

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    Power.. 2yr old smoke.. 3yr old drink ?

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    Saw this video on facebook, here's video:

    2-Year-Old Baby Smoker Video -

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    p o w e r

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    Wth The parents even encourage him..

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