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    Backstabber? Who? Me? Ris Low accuses runner-up Claire Lee for backstabbing her

    Backstabber? Who? Me?
    First runner-up accused by dethroned beauty queen Ris Low of leaking her conviction to the media

    A SPAT has developed between recently dethroned Miss Singapore World Ris Low and the pageant's first runner-up Claire Lee.

    Miss Low claims that Miss Lee faked a back injury to save embarrassment in case she was not selected to represent Singapore. Miss Lee denies this.

    Miss Low also said that Miss Lee had snitched to the media about her being on probation for credit card fraud. Miss Lee also denies this.

    The latest controversy started when Miss Low called Shin Min Daily News last Friday to tell them that Miss Lee had confessed to her about faking a back injury so that she will not 'lose face' if she is not chosen to be the next Miss Singapore World by pageant organiser ERM World Marketing.

    Miss Low, 19, a hospitality student at a private school, gave up her crown last week after media reports that she had been charged with credit card fraud last year and was put on 24 months' supervised probation.

    When contacted by The Sunday Times on Saturday night, Miss Low said that she had recorded a telephone conversation with Miss Lee in which the latter had admitted faking her injury.

    When she played back the recording, a woman - who she said was Miss Lee - could be clearly heard saying she hated the pageant organiser for what they have done to Miss Low.

    The woman did mention having a back injury, but nowhere in the conversation did she admit to faking it.

    Miss Low said she will be passing the audio recording to Ms Tracy Lee, ERM's event director, today so that the pageant organiser will know that Miss Lee 'has been badmouthing them'.

    Asked about how the recording did not have Miss Lee saying she faked the injury, Miss Low said that although Miss Lee did not say so outright, Miss Low knew that the back injury was not serious.

    Source: Backstabber? Who? Me?
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    Uh, just give it up already lah Ris Low.

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    the media needs to stop giving her attention.

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    Actually the runner up looks much hotter, honestly.

    Backstab or not she should not have publically mentioned her runner up. Because it would give her rival publicity and people will start comparing her to Ris. That's a lot of added competition.

    Dumb more on Ris' part. Well, no surprise there

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    LOL Sore Loser....

    No wait! Its just her Bipolar speaking!

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    the drama has just reached a new level of boomz

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    Quote Originally Posted by elladan View Post
    the drama has just reached a new level of boomz

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    boom boom boomz

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    Quote Originally Posted by concept|infinit View Post
    Actually the runner up looks much hotter, honestly.
    however, both looks like crap in the end though...

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    lol now say ppl bs ..

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    getting more and more interesting

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    come on... where are those models sleeping with organisers stories... those are more interesting...


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    Juz end this shit already -_- give it a rest man

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    This whole Miss Singapore World saga is a joke... I pity the women who participated ....

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