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    Very bad job-hunting experience with Executive Network International

    Hi all, I would like to share this real-life event of a crooked and cunning job agency - Executive Network International.

    My poor friend, Theresa was heavily pregnant when the agency found a suitable job. After a tough delivery of 15hrs, she got a call from Executive Network International that she has to start work early, which means giving her only 6 weeks of maternity rest. Executive Network International agent Nick Ng was very insistent and refused any room of discussion. After 15 hrs of labor, Theresa was in the state of exhaustion and agreed on the start date.

    Upon discharge within 2 days, Executive Network International agent Nick Ng kept calling Theresa to sign off the document. Nick Ng went to her home to get her to sign off the appointment letter. He arrives when she was breast-feeding the baby and Executive Network International Nick refused to let her review the document but want her to sign off on the spot. Under tremendous pressure and with a baby on hand, she signed the contract.

    Unfortunately, the baby was admitted to hospital within a week and the new job requires Theresa to head to USA right after. With this circumstances, Theresa wish to start work after 3 months. Theresa managed to speak to the new company HR manager but it was clear the new company is unable to accommodate Theresa's request to start on a later date.

    Executive Network International then contacted Theresa and asked her to provide a replacement which she did (she sent at least 5 candidates for the agency). Theresa thought things were settled amicably. However after 1.5 months, Executive Network International issued a letter to Theresa to pay the penalty fine which Theresa ignored as she knew then that Executive Network International has already got a candidate for the new company.

    After another 9 months, Theresa receiving a call from a guy call Andrew claiming that he was a lawyer from Jon Davidson Law Firm representing Executive Network International. Theresa checked and Jon Davidson Law Firm was not a registered law company in Singapore. He is actually a debt collector.

    I want to share this unfortunate event to everyone out there that there are plenty of good recruitment agency but when you chance upon a very bad recruitment agency like Executive Network International, it scars you for life and you wish the Singapore MOM is a lot more forceful dealing with unscrupulous recruitment agency.

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    pics or it didn't happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by weib View Post
    pics or it didn't happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cygig View Post

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    go to the small claims court lor. recruit express recently kenna fined for for imposing unfair contract terms.

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    Same as recruit express.

    Got no ethics one.

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    Before anyone comments on TS story.

    Do note he signed up just to complain here. Should we feel honoured or suspicious?

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    hi, just wished to share the story.
    if you wish to doubt it, i can't hold it against you.

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    any proof of documentation?
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