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    How to make a Cheese Head.....

    Read entire article here -> Source: Steve Jobs Cheese Head

    OK, I admit to being a Mac Fanboy. I've got a MacBook, an iPhone and I'll be first in line for a new iPad when it hits the shelves.

    But I'm also a foodie with time on his hands. So what better way to show appreciation for my much-loved Apple products than to create a tasty sculputure in the form of Apple's venerable leader?

    And with Apple's latest blockbuster product launch just around the corner, I figured that my iPad Launch Party would be the perfect place for the unveiling. You ARE going to an iPad launch party, aren't you?

    I figured that cheese was a great medium for food carving, and would go well with many a tasty meal.

    Mozzarella has the right consistency, is pliable when melted slightly, and its pasty-white color matches the skin tone of many a computer geek like Steve and myself.

    See below for directions on how to create your own Cheese Head and for three tasty recipes that go perfectly with Steve Cheese.
    If you're going to create your own tasty CEO goodness, make sure you've got some good pictures to reference while you carve. I used the one above, along with one or two profile shots so I could get the full 3D effect.

    Start out with a few of those big blocks of mozzarella cheese. You can hold them together with toothpicks or chopsticks that have been neatly clipped.

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    Waste of cheese + no appetite from the face

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    sorry diamonds are a girl's best friends not google

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