Hotel licensee appear in court for allowing vice activities in premises

SINGAPORE: Police will bring charges against the licensee of a budget hotel for knowingly facilitating vice activities within the hotel's premises.

When a check on the hotel along Kitchener Road was conducted on April 10, two female foreigners believed to be involved in vice activities were arrested.

Police said they were found in the company of their male clients in the room and were believed to be offering sexual services for a fee.

Investigations revealed that the hotel staff had knowingly allowed the female foreigners to ply their trade within the hotel's premises.

This was a breach of the Hotels Licensing Regulations.

The licensee of the hotel is due to appear in court on Wednesday.

A licensee who is convicted for failing to comply with this provision is liable to be fine not exceeding S$1,000.

For a second or subsequent conviction it's a fine not exceeding S$2,000.

In addition, the court may cancel or suspend any certificate of registration and may cancel any licence granted.

Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ng Boon Gay said this is a landmark case, showing the resolve of the Police to tackle vice from all angles.

Police said there has been no let up in its enforcement efforts against vice activities island-wide.

A total of 7,614 female foreigners were arrested island-wide for vice-related activities in 2009, as compared with 5,047 arrests in 2008. - CNA/vm