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    New forum style colour scheme

    Hi Admin, is there a way to change the new forum colour scheme to be something similar to the old vrz style, meaning darker colour background? Because the new colour style is white pale background, a bit too bright and visually glaring (yes it reminds me of clubsnap forum style lol) Maybe something like that will be nice ----> Overclockers Forums <----this forum has dark colour background, so its less glaring on the eyes when scrolling

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    i also don't like the white color background .....
    still prefer to the old one.
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    Dear Vr Zone moderators,

    I am writing in to raise the matter on the recent changes to the forum color scheme (White background, Light blue text). While we welcome the new "look" for 2015. I would like to highlight that the selection of color scheme could be better (etc, select contrasting color like white background with black text). I find it actually quite straining on the eyes after awhile, thus I believe the major here, suffers the same issues too. (perhaps they are not vocal on this issue at this period of time?!)

    We seek your understanding on this matter and do take into the user feedback consideration.

    We await your favorable response on this matter.

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    does management team look at this post??
    at least you guys can reply something on this post first...
    i7-4770/16GB/512G SSD×2/UP3017/RX480/M950/FILCO 87 BT/MW50/LIAN LI Q18
    Surface Pro 4 i7/16/512

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    +1. not sure if you guys have the stats, but i think you're driving away me for instance! cant stand the whiteness

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    Happy CNY..
    The glare when u browse the forum .. arrgh!!

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    Any updates on this my eyes bit tired looking nowadays into vrforums
    admin please change the color
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