I headed down to convergent's customer service center at Ubi yesterday (26/6) around 4pm to get my faulty stick of kingston ddr3 exchanged.

When I arrived, there was no queue and someone at the counter immediately attended
to me. I was made to fill up a piece of paper with my name and contact number, and was given a brand new sealed stick of ram from their warehouse within 5 mins!

I would definitely look forward to buying more stuff distributed by convergent in the future as they havse provided impeccable in processing warranty claims in the event of defective goods. Two thumbs up!

The ambience of the customer service area is great. A push and comfy sofa to sit on, some magazines to read (not my type though) and an interesting video display with triangle screen and floating puzzle pieces to keep you distracted as you wait if you like that sort of thing.

In a nutshell the most pleasant rma experience I've had!