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    Corbell! The local distro which brought us in MSI product and best of all MSI TWIN FROZR graphic cards!


    List of Twin Frozr - Twin Frozr III graphic Cards:

    MSI Twin Frozr
    MSI Global – Graphics Card - N250GTS Twin Frozr OC

    MSI Twin Frozr Lightning Edition

    MSI Global – Graphics Card - N260GTX Lightning Black Edition

    MSI Twin Frozr II
    MSI Global – Graphics Card - R5770 Hawk

    IMO this 5770 was hot thing for budget wise gamers! Easily overclock-able and scale well in CFX and best of all it runs damn cool.

    MSI Twin Frozr II Lightning Edition

    MSI Global – Graphics Card - R5870 Lightning

    One of the damn powerful card to ever created for 5870! and if i remember correctly, fellow VR forum-er *Hg_Wng has it (lucky him)

    MSI Twin Frozr II Golden Edition

    MSI Global – Graphics Card - N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II Golden Edition

    All copper FTW! and i remember correctly they also offer the GTX465 Golden edition which can unlock to GTX470

    MSI Twin Frozr III or Hawk it named on some cards
    MSI Global – Graphics Card - R6870 Hawk

    The card that break the world record 6870 barrier! MSI HAWK 6870 trounce the 3D Mark 05 and 3D Mark 06!!

    MSI Twin Frozr III Lightning Edition

    MSI Global – Graphics Card - R6970 Lightning

    Think Hawk is enough? Think comes the Legendary LIGHTNING EDITION! Consider the 2nd TOP TIER cooler offer by MSI. And why did i mention 2nd Top Tier? You will see in time.

    MSI Twin Frozr III Lightning EXTREME Edition
    MSI Global – Graphics Card - N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition

    It nevers stops! Lightning EXTREME edition? TOP TIER period. Need i state more?


    Will talk more about MSI latest offering of Twin Frozr III cooler various series of graphic cards


    The new cooler allows high clocks with low volume levels and keeps the card pretty darn cool. That's definitely a win - win situation!
    Come on! Mechanical Menacing looks on your graphic card + darn cooling temp! Who doesn't wants it?

    High-Density heatsinks ---- > +1

    Triple Over-Voltage Function ----> +1

    Dual Propellar Cooling Fans ----> +1

    PWM Design (varies for different series of GFX) ----> +1

    Military Class ll Component ----> +1

    MSI Exclusive P/S Switch Function ----> +1

    Heatpipes connect from the cooler’s base up through the heatsink fins ----> +1



    Quoted from Techpowerup:

    There is such a long "lip" near the end of the cooler which extends well over the PCB and does nothing but use up space.



    Well what can you expect more from MSI Twin Frozr III edition cards? All i can say is they offer one of the best aesthetics looks, cooling temp, high overclockable rates, impressive material used


    3 YEARS WARRANTY! offer by Corbell!! is your hard earn cash!


    P.S. Don't wish to win anything la BUT if i win then it will be GREEEAT! Just wan to contribute abit =D and if i post wrongly or not according to the contest rules please do let me know..

    Intel Core i5 4460 + Hyper 212X | ASUS B85-Pro Gamer | Palit GTX 1070 Super Jetstream 8GB | Low Profile Kingston Value Rams 2x4GB DDR3| Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme 128GB + Western Digital Blue 1TB | Dell U2312HM LED Ultrasharp 23" |Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II | FSP Aurum 650Watts Modular Gold | Lian Li T60-B | Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

    LG G3 32GB Gold | Fiio X1 + 16GB microSD | FiiO E11K | Shure SE215 LTD with NocturnaL Audio Calyx 4-conductor Copper Custom Cable | Comply T100

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    Hmm I talk about Seasonic for free anyway.

    Like, I've been using an S12 before Corbell and AT became its distributors. :p

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    Just installed a x850 and 2 6950 Twin Frozr iii over the weekend.

    I think that's advertisement enough lol.

    Dun talk Do.

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    thanks for all the posts so far. you can also create new threads or reply to threads within the corbell subforum which also counts as part of the contest

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    it is random pick or based on the content of the reply.
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    ASUS Xonar U3
    Audioengine P4 + N22
    Dell U2414H x 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by zmwang View Post
    it is random pick or based on the content of the reply.
    random pick 19 guys, then sort by quality of post

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    Quote Originally Posted by lennardseah View Post
    random pick 19 guys, then sort by quality of post
    Hmm, ok thanks!

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    Seasonic Platinum Series P-860XP & P-1000XP

    P-860XP 80 PLUS Verification and Testing Report
    P-1000XP 80 PLUS Verification and Testing Report

    Seasonic X Series X-560, X-660, X-760, X-850, X-1050 & X-1250

    X-560 80 PLUS Verification and Testing Report
    X-660 80 PLUS Verification and Testing Report
    X-760 80 PLUS Verification and Testing Report
    X-850 80 PLUS Verification and Testing Report

    Seasonic X Series Fanless - X-400 & X-460

    X-400 80 PLUS Verification and Testing Report
    X-460 80 PLUS Verification and Testing Report

    Seasonic 80 PLUS Certified Power Supplies

    Sea Sonic Announces Time Line of Future PSU Product Launches
    In Quarter 4, 2011, Sea Sonic will introduce many new and exciting products. First will be the start of our Platinum series and then the completion of our award winning X – Gold series followed by a whole new Gold – G series and upgraded M12II.

    In September 2011 (estimated), our PLATINUM P-860 & P1000 will be available on the local markets. These models represent the highest level of technology, efficiency, performance and quality yet produced by Sea Sonic.

    GOLD – X Series - Complete the family
    The highly successful X series will be completed this September with the X-1050 & the X-1250, both 100% modular, Gold efficiency and super high performance and quality. The X series will span from 400 & 460 watts fanless and 560, 660, 760, 850, 1050 & 1250 with S3FC to make the most complete 80PLUS Gold series available on the market!

    GOLD – G Series - A new frontier
    In November of 2011 (est.), the all-new G series will be launched to bridge the gap with semi modular for the PC enthusiasts and Gold efficiency for super performance, energy savings and quality. Available will be 350, 450, 550 & 650, targeted right at the heart of the most popular power outputs!

    BRONZE - M12II series - High Power and yet cost effective
    The new M12II-650, 750 & 850 is made for the enthusiasts who need more power, but keep the modularity and is price focused. These units will be available in Oct 2011......
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    Bluegrass_Corbell quoted me so must repost

    Future Product can?

    Upcoming Platinum Series PSUs by SeaSonic!

    - Patented Full Modular DC Cable to ensure stable 12V rails and maximises output
    - 3 stage fan control called Hybrid Silent Fan Control (Fanless, Silent and Cooling) to ensure best cooling performance with as little noise as possible

    SeaSonic Platinum PSUs come Fully Modular and with 6 PCI-E Connectors


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    Recently placed order locally for Lian Li C60B, still waiting for it to arrive within this month.8)

    Full aluminium, fitting ATX/Micro-ATX/Mini-ITX mobo.
    Able to take long GPU. Quite a number of hdd cages.
    2 x 140mm fan by side, 1 expandable fan on top.
    Front USB3.0/esata/hd auto.
    Intend to add blue-ray player and VFD to the front.
    Should be a cool chassis for my HTPC befitting to my living room set.
    Watch the vid here
    PC-C60 - YouTube
    Last edited by kwangkwang; Sep 6th, 11 at 09:49 AM.
    Asus Z9PE-D8 WS | Dual Intel E5-2660v2 | 8x4GB Kingston RDIMM ECC KVR16LR11S8/4EF | Seasonic X750 | SSD OCZ Vertez 2 - 100GB | Windows 7 Ultimate | Mountain Mods Ascension | Dell Ultrasharp U2711

    Loop 1: MCP655B - MCP355 - MCP355 - MCR320QP - Swiftech Apogeee XL - Swiftech Apogeee XL - BI GTX360 - EK Multioption RES 250
    Loop 2: MCP655B - MCR220 - EK Multioption RES 250
    Tube: PrimoFlex Pro LRT UV White 1/2" ID 3/4" OD
    TIM: Gelid GC Xtreme
    Fan: 6 San Ace 9G1212H1011 + 6 32mm shroud, 9 Gentle Typhoon 1850, 2 Lamptron FC2, 1 KazeMaster Ace, 1 Lamprton 5-Port Miltary switch

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberwave View Post


    Bluegrass_Corbell quoted me so must repost

    Good luck anyway

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    MSI P67A

    By newbiekiddo at 2011-09-06

    By newbiekiddo at 2011-09-06


    PCIe 16x X1
    PCIe 1x X3
    PCI X3


    8 USB 2.0
    2 USB 3.0
    1 Firewire 1394
    6 Audio ports.

    ATX form factor
    Crossfire/SLI not supported
    It has
    (according to MSI)

    Military Class II Concept
    The perfect trinity of quality, stability and efficiency all exist at one mainboard to meet end user expectations. The MSI Military Class II series products provide the long lifespan, unparalleled quality, extreme performance and ultimate efficiency.

    - SFC
    Lower working temperature will enhance mainboard stability.
    - Solid Cap
    10 year long lifespan

    OC Genie II
    Just press the OC Genie button or enable OC Genie II function in BIOS menu, the CPU performance (P67 series) or the 3D performance of iGPU (H67/H61 series) will be highly improved. Whether users want to watch a high bit-rate HD movie or go online gaming, both can be enjoyed with image performance that is smoother and lag-free!

    My thoughts:
    Personally i feel that this motherboard is a great choice if your tight on budget and do NOT plan to Crossfire/Sli. Normally on a tight budget you would probably need to spend more on a power supply with more Watts,resulting in higher cost,therefore you may also run into an increase in electric bills. Therefore, in my opinion such a board with just 1 16x slot is enough. Because i think it is just better to upgrade the whole GPU. Save electricity bills, save extra money by not getting a 2 16x motherboard and higher watts PSU. But this is what I THINK. Doesnt mean everyone think this way

    Additional information by LinusTechTips!
    MSI P67A-C45 LGA1155 Motherboard Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips - YouTube

    G.Skill Ripjaw X CL9 8 GB

    By newbiekiddo at 2011-09-06

    By newbiekiddo at 2011-09-06

    What i really like about G.Skill is the low price quality of this ram. <3 it and looks good in case

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    Nice entry newbiekid.

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    4 days left... can do a quickie on GD80?

    "All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better."
    - Ralph Waldo Emerson -

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    Quote Originally Posted by clon22 View Post
    Nice entry newbiekid.
    Hehe thanks! Thought of all this factors when cutting down costs on my first rig.

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