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    Wanted to pick up a Lian Li PC-Q08B at Cybermind but they are out of stock. They told me to come back in mid September 2011 for the stocks to arrive. I am planning to build a gaming mini ITX Rig with the following:

    Lian Li PC-Q08B

    G.Skill RipjawsX 2x4GB 1600 CL9

    MSI 560 Ti HAWK

    Corsair H60

    Seasonic M12D 750w 80+ Bronze

    Other parts:
    Intel Core i7-2600K
    Asrock Z68 ITX/HT --> Sadly, only 2 brands carry z68 itx boards =(
    Intel X25m-G2 160GB SSD

    Come on Corbell, bring in that Q08B quickly! The rest of the parts are mostly at home d!
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    Win10 64bit Pro

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    Quote Originally Posted by ah_khoo View Post
    4 days left... can do a quickie on GD80?
    Camp 990!
    Go go go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by clon22 View Post
    Camp 990!
    Go go go!
    should have asked u for lunch justnow bro... was there around 1230pm...

    "All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better."
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    Quote Originally Posted by clon22 View Post
    Teron so fast.
    Anything "IN" can be considered too.
    Not outdated stuffs bah.
    The 1st prize is N560GTX TFII/OC. (Non Ti, the pic sala i think.) hehe.
    Adding pics to enhance ur entry will be good too.
    2wks ago i just hooted PC-7FNWB it is an old model with only usb2, but it is the most value aluminium chassis so i guess it is consider IN ? ;x

    i love the black aluminium finishing, got classy looks ;p
    and the shiny internal ^^)v hope it wont get oxidizes >.<

    easy cable management or installing backplate with all those holes,
    comes with with a intake(with blue led) and a exhaust fan , iirc 1000rpm & 1200rpm
    HDD cage can change direction, either to face side penal or face back of the chassis
    some pic xD

    just incase my chassis is not IN enough ~
    will do a mini intro about wat i have read about the new reverse fan tech from MSI ;p

    fan will run in reverse direction for 30s to clear dust, before it run in normal direction,
    but i think we need a pci fan to remove the dust out of the chassis ? ^^ll

    now only N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition have this function, lets hope in future more cards including those low-mid range MSI cards will have this function too ^^)v
    videos and pictures explain better xD

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    Last Rig

    Current Rig

    My nice b'day present in July

    My new NAS

    My Test Bench

    New Updated Rig

    AKAN DATANG.......... Waiting for the container to arrive.

    I like classic, clean lines of Lian Li cases. Fanciful tacky look cases a No No to me.
    With fitting so many stuffs inside the case. Light weight but tough & strong Aluminum case is a must.

    BTW I'm for the contest 100th prize

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    I wish to have below since my MSI 9600 is dead, it's so attractive me but need to save money for it

    MSI N560GTX TwinFrozr II OC

    Military Class II Components:

    •SFC (Super Ferrite Choke) has higher current for better overclocking ability
    •HI-C CAP for GPU provides more precise voltage
    •All solid CAPs have longer lifespan
    In addition to the high quality electronic components, MSI has implemented a very high quality cooling solution for their iteration of the GTX 560. The Twin Frozr II system is comprised of a large nickel-coated copper base with two 8mm "SuperPipes" and two 6mm heat pipes that transfer heat away from the GPU. The four heat pipes then work their way into a massive aluminum heatsink that is kept cool by two low-profile 80mm PWM fans.

    Twin Frozr II Thermal Design:

    •Dual 80mm PWM fans for 50% more airflow
    •SuperPipe technology and nickel-plated copper base for better heat dissipation
    •Only 30dB under full thermal load
    MSI Afterburner overclocking utility:

    •Supports over-voltage function of GPU
    •Supports advanced fan speed control
    •Supports burn-in stability test
    PhysX & 3D Vision Surround technology:

    •Supports PhysX technology effects for realistic physics effects
    •Supports 3D Vision Surround technology in SLI mode to provide 3 monitor output simultaneously and real 3D image experience (With 3D monitor and 3D glasses)

    Model Name
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560
    Codename GF114

    CUDA Cores 336 Units

    Core Clock 870 MHz

    Processor Clock 1740 MHz

    Memory Clock 4080 MHz

    Memory Size 1GB GDDR5

    Memory bus 256 bits

    Output Dual DVI-I + mini HDMI

    TDP 150w

    Card Dimension 238 x 112 x 40mm

    Form Factor ATX

    Direct X 11

    OpenGL 4.1

    CUDA Yes

    SLI Yes

    PhysX Yes

    PureVideo HD Yes

    HDCP Yes

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    MSI brand new mainboard A55M-P35 for AMD Llano platform
    Exclusive OC Genie-II boosting performance to over 110% in one second!

    OC Genie-II: Tool for One-second OC

    -users can immediately boost system performance to over 110%, without the need of any complicated procedure or difficult-to-understand OC knowledge.

    Click BIOS: Operating BIOS Setup with a Mouse

    -users can enjoy massive storage from the AMD Llano mainboards from MSI.

    High-quality All Solid Capacitors

    - Equipped with
    aluminum solid capacitors deliver a lifespan of more than 10 years, and users will not need to worry about system failure or lag as a result of overheating.

    Simple-to-use Winki 3 Utility

    - The Winki 3 allows users to restore the system from contents previously backed up in the hard drive when the system crashed, making the Winki 3 an ideal, multifaceted and free operating environment.

    Whats more cool is that it can

    Charge your iPad at anytime with this feature

    MSI Llano mainboards are equipped with the i-Charger function for users to safely and conveniently charge their iPad or tablet PCs faster and conveniently.

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    Is this the place to post what we have "hoot" from corbell and showcase it with review? If so, I am so gonna win this with my rig of AOC 53-X

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    That's just too funny, well done.

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    Any chance you guys will be bringing in compact HTPX cases like the LianLi PC-90? I can see this going quite well with the new Bulldozers/Intelargos.

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    Being a fan of both Lian Li casing and Seasonic PSU which Corbell represents, I ended up using Lian Li for my entry because there are more things to talk about for Lian Li.

    I shall use the casing I gotten for this PC-8FiB

    Lian Li design comes as in timeless beauty which is finished in Brushed Aluminium that brings the casing to another level of class.

    Build to perfection as Lian Li casing is hand Made In Taiwan

    Materials and internals are designed to prevent thermal build up.

    Modular system allows you to change parts easily since some of the parts are prompt to wear and tear!

    Tool less design which allows user to build their PC without the need of a screw driver!

    All fans intakes comes with an air filter to reduce dust build up!

    Intel Core i7-2600K + NH-D14, Z77-D3H, Zotac GTX 770 4GB, Crucial M500, Toshiba HDDs, 32GB KVR, LianLi PC-8FI, SS X-650, DELL P2714H & U2311H, Cherry G8000, LT M705 + SS mousepad ,Win 10, Hifiman EF100 > Audio Engine A5 Passive

    iPhone XS, X1 Carbon G2 - T400, FujiFilm X-T2, PS Vita Project Diva LE, God Eater LE, New 3DS XL Blue & LL Manaka Love Plus, PS3 FF-XIII, FF-XIII-II LE & TOX LE, PS4 - 480GB Intel 530, Sena Asus Meno Pad

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    Lian Li PC Z-60:

    Lian Li has to me my favourite brand of computer chassis - the Z-60 seems to be a perfect solution for my needs. It's a great size - doesn't take up too much space. With full aluminium construction, tool-less installation, anti-vibration mounts, cable clamps, good ventilation, and more.. the blend of ergonomics, quality and style is perfect. add in the great value - what else can one ask for?

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