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    MSI TwinFrozr II GTX 560 TI heat issues

    Was going to send you a PM, but your inbox is full. Here was what I was going to type in the PM.

    Dear clon22,

    I am an owner of a MSI GTX 560Ti Twin Frozr II.

    Recently, I've been monitoring the temperature of my card while playing games and running my usual programs such as [email protected], and I have noticed that my GPU temps reach very high temperatures during such processes. During folding, it easily reaches the upper 90C to 100C at full fan speed, and at gaming up to the 90s, depending on the game and specific scenes.

    I was wondering if you guys could offer any possible solution to this issue? I've checked the fans while in operation, and both fans seem to be working (can't get a proper view, so not sure). Haven't overclocked or anything, everything at stock settings. Have box and accessories.

    Thank you!
    Eh, hi.

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    Any dust blocking the fan blades and in-between the fins of the heatsink?
    You can try dusting it alittle.
    Check your comp's ambient temps too.
    Fired up furmark or the latest kombuster from msi and give it a check again.
    You can also check for any artefacts/lines and stuff like that at the same time.
    If you think there might be any issues with the card,
    feel free to bring it down and let us check it out.

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