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    Hello, I purchased an Antec One on the 29th of December 2013 from Tradepac. Immediately after I returned home and unboxed the case, the plastic surrounding one of the thumbscrews immediately disintegrated into many pieces. The strange thing is there was no damage to the box whatsoever so I can only assume it was already broken at the factory. I've uploaded the image.

    On top of that, the paint finish is appalling. I placed the casing on its side in order to attach a Solid State Drive on the base of the casing and immediately upon turning it back upright I noticed a white line on the paint. This again happened when I placed the side panel on the floor while installing components in the PC.

    Corbell, please do get back to me and inform me on what steps I may take to solve these problems. It is a waste because the Antec One really is a unexpectedly well-thought out casing for the price and these quality control issues are really quite annoying when compared to the obvious attention to detail that has gone into the rest of the product.

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