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    Deep space. That?s the heart of Elite: Dangerous. As with the original and its two sequels, Frontier Developments? new Kickstarter-funded space exploration game will ask its players to absorb themselves deep within its systems ? not just of stars and galaxies but of navigation, combat and trading. Speaking to Braben about the game recently, he repeatedly returned to the notion that Dangerous was a game whose intricacies must be learned over time.

    It has taken time to get a new Elite off the ground, too. It is no secret that Braben has wanted to make this game for years ? perhaps even since the release of Frontier: First Encounters in 1995. Braben says the old publisher-developer relationship would have seen Frontier?s vision of what the game should be compromised. Now, through Kickstarter and Frontier?s own fundraising efforts, the Cambridge studio now has over ?2.2 million with which to make that game a reality.

    ?Working with a publisher would give a very different end result to the one we have planned ? mainly as there have been few open games like the one we are making in recent years,? Braben tells us. ?We had watched the rise of Kickstarter in the US and went on there with Elite: Dangerous as soon as it came to the UK ? it provided a was a great validation of the interest in the game for us, and the funding helped us move into full production with the game.?
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    In this tenth Elite: Dangerous Dev Diary David Braben talks about the alpha process so far and the stages coming up, including the imminent phase 2 release for multiplayer combat, preview clips of which can be seen in the video.

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    Alpha Release 2.0 with multiplayer is LIVE!

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    Elite: Dangerous – Game Preview (Extensive)

    Over the next 2 months there will be more experimenting, and many updates about which direction I have decided to take my blog. As I said in last week’s post, my biggest problem with sticking to one topic is that I enjoy commenting on anything that makes me happy, or frustrates me in a way impossible to describe without diagrams and explosives.
    I am currently toying with the idea of making a completely separate, humorous web-comic/diary type thing, written from the POV of a space traveller, but I am still considering other options.

    This week though, I have decided to do a video-game preview, because not only is this game very close to my heart, but when my brother asked me on facebook the other day, if there was more to it than what was shown in the online gameplay videos, I found that facebook didn’t provide me with adequate room for a response.

    Since I am of the first generation of computer gamers, there won’t be many people reading this who can understand what it is like to see actual gameplay footage of a game you waited 30 years for! To see the game you never ever thought would arrive, being played by real people! I have honestly only been this excited on 2 other occasions in the 40 years of my life. Christmas didn’t hold this much excitement when I was 6 years old. Generous and Jolly as Santa might have been, he’s got nothing on Mr. David Braben; one of the creators of the original Elite.
    alot more @ Elite: Dangerous – Game Preview (Extensive) | The Sleepless Blog

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    How have you found the process of making a game in full view of some 25,000 Kickstarter backers?
    It’s funny, during development you’re often concentrating on whatever feature isn’t working very well and you lose sight of the fact that actually you’ve got a lot of really great stuff under your belt. You wouldn’t think so, but morale can be quite low in the middle of the project: ‘We’ve got this to do, and this to do.’ But actually having to show elements of the game publicly that we’re already happy with is fantastic. It’s ‘Actually, it is pretty good,’ not ‘I wish we could sort this.’ It’s like your kid’s first day at school – you want to know how they react.

    So it’s reasonable to say that you’re happy with the way the project is shaping up.
    Now that the combat is sound, it will just keep getting richer. At the moment, [we have] a very narrow and well-refined scenario. Those scenarios are emergent things that come from gameplay – ‘I don’t want to be seen by him; I want to get out of here,’ so the objective is just to run away, which feels really weak. In the very early days of the first Elite, when we were doing it as a combat game, it felt very repetitive. But very quickly, once the context changes, you think, ‘Oh, Christ, I have to get this gold through. I’ve got such a good price on it. If I can get it to this space station… Oh, no, I’m being attacked!’ It contextualises running away and makes so much sense.
    more @ "It's like your kid's first day at school" – David Braben on the Elite: Dangerous alpha | News | Edge Online

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