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    FIFA 18

    Anyone has any idea where is the best and cheapest place to pre order FIFA 18 for ps4?

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    I don't know and I don't recommend buying if you want to play career mode. If you are buying for ultimate team then it's ok. But single player is horrible in comparison to 17.

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    I'm still planning to wait for the official release of the game and after a while buy it with a good discount on one of the game services.

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    I am following and playing Fifa series from 2014. Every new year is a new and wonderful experience for me as the FIfa developers know what we want to play on our pc. My whole family is addicted to Fifa and football and there is a worth to play it. Thanks!

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    I am sorry i don't know how to book FIFA 18. FIFA 18 is one of the best game on the market. I am anxiously waiting for FIFA 19. I heard that they will incorporate UEFA Champions League in the new edition. I hope it does.

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    FIFA always outdo themselves. I have seen the games videos and read about the reviews. The feedback is amazing. I can't wait to get my hands on it. I heard that they have got the rights of Champions League. Is it true?

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    The most fascinating game for any gamer. Electronic Arts have done themself again. The graphics are off the hook. The gameplay are better than ever. If you have not played it, then you are missing the best experience of your life.

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    Fifa 18 is one of the most entertaining games for football fans. It was published by Electronic Arts E.A in November 2017. The graphics and gameplay are second to none. So buy this game whether you have Xbox or a play station.

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    I am sorry but i don't know any online place to buy FIFA 18. FIFA is one of the game series ever made. The graphics and gameplay are second to none. I have an Xbox 360 and FIFA is my favourite game. I always select Chelsea F.C as my club and Eden Hazard the favourite player.

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