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    My own league of legends montage xD

    So like, I just one day decided to record my own ranked games and compile some gameplay together to post on youtube once every week just for the fun of it. Sometimes my friends will send me stuff and I'll put it in too hah.

    Anyways, so here's one of my videos

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    There will always be loop holes for those who really want to trade on forex)

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    Alright, so I've been trying out Kayn, from SP to JG to recently Top. I just hit mastery 5 so will be moving on but all in all, I really like tank kayn.

    So what I do, basically is to get a Sheen first. So far, I've been able to effectively trade up top and it gets better with Darkin since I get an extra heal on R as well. Iceborne gives almost a perma slow, because I've got a knock up as well and it helps me take towers pretty fast on a split push while being able to fight 1v2 or 1v3s without much problem (cos I'm tanky).

    3-4 man knockups are also pretty deadly especially if you have a good team that follows up with enough dmg. You're also tanky enough to survive for a long long time~

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    Well, here's a montage for the week.

    Here's my adventures of KSing other ppl in ranked games as a SP lol.

    Note: I just deleted all the parts where I die, you can make a montage too!

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