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    hahahaha we shud have it everyday da

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    hi guys, i've got problem running CODMW2 on steam. Whenever I log into steam and play CODMW2, my internet access gets auto-disconnect after like 5min. Anybody encounter this kind of problem before ??? if so can anyone provide any solution for me ? Thanks
    Btw, there's nothing wrong with my internet connection. Coz i on my PC for the whole day (24hrs) running youtube accessing websites, MSN-ing etc etc..... the connection is still there. The moment I go into steam, it auto disconnect after 5min or so.

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    lol didn't realise there's a steam community group on vr zone, just joined already btw. I don't play TF2 alot, usually play L4D/L4D2, Half-Life 2 and CS(1.6 and source). Forgive me if I'm too noob in online games lol.

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    I've just joined the group

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    will join the grp when i get home =)
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    Surprised it took so long, never check the forums now that they aren't linked on the main page. Anyways just joined, hope to see some VR members soon.

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    I just joined yesterday... but I dun see any forums or what over there leh.. what do we actually do in a Steam group ah?

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    just join for the sake of joining ba......

    no happening one....

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    will join it when i'm back home!

    Any borderlands 2 action? haha

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    Eh cannot join alr ah? I click the link but cannot lol

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    wa cool!

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    Right now Steam is the best and the most stable platform=) Even ubisoft publishes their games on the Steam platform. Now I'm waiting for EA to do the same=)

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