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    Advice - Do's and Dont's For a Successful and Pleasant Transaction

    For a Successful and Pleasant Transaction :look:
    To All Forumers

    Have decided to create a trend to share my experiences i have encountered since joining the forum. The Reason for this is because i have noticed a sharp rise
    of unsatisfied encounters as well as complaints of either product being not of the required quality or poor behaviour of either buyer or seller.

    If i miss out anything please let me know and i will try to
    add it to the list. Hope it is benifical to all readers in some way or another.

    Description of product/services

    1) Clearly Descripe the product/services you want to let go off or produce in ur trend.(BOLD AND CAPS IT, if its Important)

    for example

    If theres any defects, clearly state it. Its alright to sell a defective set, as long as you explain the faults in it as every product might be important to
    another person even with the defacts.Do not hide the fact or expect the person to as you about it or worst, tell them during or after the transactions.

    2) Cancelling A Already Agreed Transaction

    If you have agreed to deal at a particular *offer*, ensure you stick to it. If for any reason you decide to forgo the deal after agreeing to it, give
    enough notice to the person. Dont make the person waste the trip down or worst, sms him after he calls or sms you that he/she is there.


    3) Timings and Locations of Transactions

    Agree to the location and timing only if you are comfortable with it. Do not change the agreed timing or the agreed location at the last min as it is of big inconviniece to the other person. If you for any reason are going to be late, give advance warnings to the person you are going to deal with.

    4) Respecting the Buyer/Seller/Trader

    All parties have the right to cancel the trasaction at point of meeting for any reason partaining to the trasactions. If you are not comfortable, for example,
    product doest fit your liking or the service provided is not of satisfactory to you. Let the person know and back out of the deal. Do not force yourself to
    deal as it might end of with alot of "bad conclussions".

    5) Understand and State clearly if product is Brand New,Mint or a Used Product

    Do not try to sell a used product as new or a spoilt product as working.


    6) Bargaining

    All protential buyers are allowed to ask for a better reasonable offer during discussion phase. However, to ensure a nice and friendly transaction, pls try
    to agree to the deal before meeting. Do not start bargaing at point of transaction if the product is of the standard stated in trend. Be professional.

    7) Agreed Amount in Hand

    To ensure faster and pleasant deals, Pls have the ready amount of cash with you at point of transactions. Do not meet up and then begin searching for a nearby
    atm machine as it is most of the time, toublesome and time counsuming and most importantly, Annoying.

    8) Agreed Location

    Pls chose a location where both parties find it convinient. Most annoying timings to avoid is lunch time expecially in MRT stations and fast food places.


    9) Do Your Homework

    If you are buying something for first time, Do a research of the product before agreeing to deal. Do not try to agree to a meeting with price set and find out
    that product is not what you are looking for. For example, Its to big, Heavy, To Small, ex...


    10) Multple transactions

    If you are looking to sell off your old item(ex, handphone/laptop) and intend to get a replacement for it, let the seller know about it before hand. Try not to
    conclude both deals at the same timing as for some reason, you might not be able to sell you old item and it might result in cancellation of the the second deal.

    11) Indivual Opinions of Traders

    Understand that everyone has a different way of thinking and their opinions might defer, what might be good condition to you, might be horrifying to someone


    12) Preparation of Transaction

    If you are selling an Electronic Item(Handphone/Laptop,eg), try to fully charge the set so that the protential buyer is able to spend some time testing the product. If Battery is dead, Buyer Cant Test and Deal might break down.


    13) Insert Photos of Product For Sale/Grab For Faster Response.

    For Clearer Desciption Of Product for Sale and Faster Sale of Product, forumers might
    want to load photos of the set. Like they say, a picture tells a clearer tale & possibities
    of misunderstandings is cut drastically. - Idea Suggested by bro jelloman


    14) Try to Deal 1 on 1

    Avoid bringing your friends or family member during the transaction. There is a tendency you might lose confidence in yourself and you will start asking your companion for advice.(most instances, they don't know your wants and start confusing you). This results in time being wasted and the transaction not taking place.


    15)Make time for transaction

    Try to make the transaction a smooth one. Give enough time for both parties. Do not try to rush the transaction just because you have a pack schedule ahead of you. Testing of product takes time. Dont believe in buying now and testing later as it might result in bad conclussion. laterly in dispute section, alot of complaints have arised in products being found to be defective after concluding the deal and end of the day, it leads to agressive results.


    16) Selling / Buying In Behalf of someone else

    Have seen a rise in Seller and buyers getting someone else to do the transaction for them as they are busy and not able to complete the tansaction themselves.

    In this case senario, pls ensure

    a) details are as exact as claimed
    b) the person who is originally suppose to transact should be contactable during the transaction. There have been a great rise in them actually not picking up the phone or worst, having it off.


    17) Dont Be Arrogant. If you are signing line, don't purposely queue at peak hours and expect trader to wait for you for hours. Be considerate.


    18) Try to avoid meeting at difficult locations

    (for example on the road side(parties driving). In this situation. it is difficult for either parties to go though deal peacefully. Most of the time driver would be worried abt the traffic police and buyer will not be able to deal peacefully


    19) Dragging Deals

    Seen Some Forumers Who like to drag deals to their convenience.
    For example, suppose to deal of a sign set at 3 pm at 3pm, when buyer contacts seller, he/she still at telco queueing up or worst on way to the telco. Deal take more that 1-2 hrs to take place.

    Another tale, seller agrees to deal on particular day and on that day after countless sms, finally replies back saying "i meet you tom, if not never mind". If you cant close deal, dont deal.
    not be able to deal peacefully


    20) Prolonging Deals for Higher Bids

    i encountered a forumer who wanted to sell his brand new 3GS 16GB. I offered him a premium prices and he chose to delay the transaction and up his post despite agreeing to deal with me.After days passed by, he realise no one matched my price and he decided to ask for deal on spot. I find it disrespectful as i am his last source. Be sincere and close deal if price is reasonable and if buyer is sincere


    21) Charge you Phone Battery

    Encountered alot of forumers whose phone battery dies at mins before the trade. During Meeting Time, Trader is Uncontactable. Ensure phone is Charged before leaving for deal.


    22) Have a backup of the Parties Contact Number

    Seen cases of ppl accidentally deleting the contact number of person they suppose to deal with resulting in alot of trouble for both parties. For safety, back up the number on a paper



    Have Encountered alot of occasions where forumers take their own sweet time to deal when they know they are dealing with freelancers and dealers. Delay in Deals are up to 30 mins to 4 hrs. Common excuses(Need to go to the Bathroom, Prayers, Appointment)

    If You Cant deal on time, Dont Deal


    Honest Request to Dealers/Freelancers

    a) As market is very Competitive Online , i Would like to humbly request that all dealers have respect for each other. Dont taunt each other in terms of pricing or business tactics. Be it Directly or Indirectly. Be profession(I learnt this from Brother nws1388)

    c) Transactions should be done for the benefit of both buyer and seller. If either party does not gain or loses in the transaction,DO NOT DEAL.

    d) If one deal done dones not go the way you want it, move to the next and move one. Forget about the incident.

    e) Fighting over competition only make high stress and most likely higher chance in losses and more enemies. Be professional and ignore others and its a healthy career.


    For Spectator/Commentators

    a) Please Dont make unnecessary post comments just to attempt to seek of attention or occupy your time.

    b) Respect all the forumers online, be it dealers or end users. No one is a GOD here and everyone makes mistakes. Move one.

    c) You have the right to deal or not. Just dont make a ridiculous comment to make a fire among others.

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    Please respect jaidev!he's the man yeah!!!
    I don't need to deploy Ali Tongkat!

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    Well done! Cheers!
    Do not take our team's kindness as our weakness.

    "I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened." - Mark Twain

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    This definitely is a MUST read for everyone who sells
    Admin mod should make sure EVERYONE who wants to buy OR sell must read this BEFORE they can do any transaction so it is a disclaimer and no one can "whine" afterwards...
    Very valid points.
    Makes me want to buy something from jaidev.....

    JAIDEV - If I may want to add, please suggest adding photos. There are very different definitions of "wear and tear" as well as "got some scratch, not for fussy buyer". I purchased a Nokia phone 5 months ago that was definitely not "normal wear and tear", but purchased a 1yo Dell laptop for my wife over the weekend that was incredibly flawless that would have gotten more $$$ had pictures been available....

    With the availability of camera phones, webcams and what not, PLUS with free ImageShack® - Image Hosting I think EVERYONE can spare 3 minutes to take a pic, upload, and post....it'll save everyone a headache...

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    should add
    Be contactable at all times. Do not ignore SMS-es and Calls.

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    can i check.. Mint = new but used..

    am i correct? newbie here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtzx1999 View Post
    can i check.. Mint = new but used..

    am i correct? newbie here.
    can be old but used. but in very very good condition. for example, in terms of physical condition, like a 1year old ipod touch with no scratches is considered mint. mint also refers to working condition. however, in terms of working condition, it means that it's working like when it was bought.

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    thans thanks.... so mint is basically better condition then Used =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtzx1999 View Post
    thans thanks.... so mint is basically better condition then Used =D
    yes. used means got mild scratches or worse. there's working condition too, but that applies for well..working condition not physical condition.

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    Thumbs up

    well done bro!
    For goodness sake!!! Dun b rude @ least reply la

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    nice advice
    good doing business with you ...

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    hi yesterday i buy from one former here he said the iPhone is factory unlocked when i reached home its locked to how to do? can i call the police?

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    Agreements about Personal Warranty

    I wish to add something here about Personal Warranty, when an old item's official warranty has long expired, and you are selling it with some short warranty to give peace of mind to buyers.

    1) If an item is out of warranty and is in good working condition, state upfront in your ad that you will give XX days of personal warranty for the buyer.

    2) The personal warranty is optional, if you have no confidence that the product may malfunction once it has been disassembled/transported. However, that may affect the saleability and price of your item. Do reiterate the lack of warranty at deal time and give the buyer a fair chance to back out if he's not comfortable with the risk after examining the item's condition.

    3) Optionally, if you do not wish to issue a personal warranty, let the buyer test the item on the spot during collection, and make it clear that there is no warranty from you. If nothing is said about this, the default state should be "no warranty" or at most "1 day" if the item is proven beyond doubt to be dead on arrival at buyer's place (easy for sellers to dispute this though).

    4) Some products, no matter how well they operated during their lifespan in your home, really can break down the moment you've disturbed the environment that they were settled in. Buyers have to accept this risk if they want to deal in old old products at throwaway prices. Some products are not faulty, but you may discover some design flaw/bug/defect that is not the fault of the seller. In this case, personal warranty does not cover it. Be reasonable, do your research before you buy such items, inspect meticulously during deal time, or forever hold your peace!

    5) Some sellers make the mistake of giving too long a warranty period, during which a buyer may have abused or in some way caused the old item to really break down. Do weigh your options when defining the personal warranty period. Also, make sure you clearly define what is NOT covered by your personal warranty, such as "bricking a set when updating firmware", "not liking the product", "overclocking a cpu and causing it to have burn marks", "over-voltage of RAM causing failure and burn marks". Make sure during the deal, that both parties agree that the item does not have burn marks, so any item returned for refund with burn marks will not be eligible for returns.

    6) If not clearly defined in the ad, or if personal warranty is only vaguely referred to VERBALLY during the deal, then the unspokem universal standard for personal warranty is 1 - 3 days. 1 week personal warranty cannot be taken as given unless clearly offered. 1 month or more is almost unheard of, except in special circumstances.

    It just means that the seller is obligated to help you sort out a potential problem with the product to a reasonable degree of satisfaction. If your expectations are unrealistic or unreasonable, brace yourself for a dispute because no seller wants to entertain fussy, unrealistic buyers of old parts.
    A buyer is only entitled to a monetary refund WHEN the item's fitness for sale is proved to be poor, and it is unfair for a buyer to accept the item's poor-functioning condition. Otherwise, a buyer can demand partial compensation, a swap, or an exchange for something else, or if possible, request that the seller take back the item and get it restored to good working condition for the buyer.

    7) Finally, any buyer who has been given a personal warranty period should make full use of that period of time to TEST the product and STRESS IT reasonably to ensure it is in acceptable working condition. Make sure you have not committed unreasonable acts when installing or using the product just because it is under warranty. Make sure you don't forget basic computer skills and forget to plug in a pci-e power cable to a gpu and claim it's spoilt and demand a refund! When you encounter problems, don't go pointing fingers and immediately demanding a refund. The first point of redress is to nicely consult the seller and ask for troubleshooting help and other means of resolving the matter without resorting to exchanges or refunds.

    Do not go crying foul to a seller even 1 hour after the warranty expires. If a product fails 3 seconds after the warranty expires, TOO BAD! BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME! Do not give silly excuses such as "I didn't have time to test it out after buying" or "I forgot to test this or that function until today!". If the oversight was on your part, your excuses simply don't mean a thing to the seller! Similarly, sellers should honour their personal warranty if, after all efforts to help the buyer have failed, and the product is deemed unfit for the buyer to keep using.

    Personal warranty is really a tricky aspect of used-product sales. CAVEAT EMPTOR! (buyer/seller beware!).
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