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    Lightbulb New Arrival : AVEXIR matching blink blink memory!!

    Check'em out!

    Each stick comes with a cover for the ram's "golden finger" contact.

    Yep, these rams just arrived.
    Currently available in 1600s and 1866s.
    Blue, red, white and yellow varieties.
    Time to mix and match to your gaming rig's colour theme. XD

    Available in pair kits.
    Different colour theme for you?

    Now available at Cybermind and PC Themes.
    Do check them out too.

    Have a great weekend! =)

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    Congrats on your new line of RAM.

    Just wondering, do the serial nos. mean anything for this brand eg. type of IC used?
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    Can the sticker on the ram be removed? Looks ugly..

    And who is the distro to look for for RMA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadow84 View Post
    Can the sticker on the ram be removed? Looks ugly..

    And who is the distro to look for for RMA?
    Corbel as the sticker "CT" there.
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    Humph! Dominator Platinum > Avexir =C
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    Wah... i bought a set of 4x4gb from a bro who brought in quite a number of avexirs 2-3months ago.
    Love them cos of the lights, very nice and bright.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadow84 View Post
    Can the sticker on the ram be removed? Looks ugly..

    And who is the distro to look for for RMA?
    once you install the RAM, you'll never see the sticker right?

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    pls bring in green...

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    If i get the 2133 Mhz at $110, is it considered a good deal?

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