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    CoolerMaster Silencio 120 Pressure Optimized 120mm Fan Review

    (I originally wrote a much longer post but thanks to cloudflare I lost it all)
    Most special CoolerMaster fans have always been hair-brain ideas that never really made it. Jetflo and Excalibur are just some of them.
    I am not going into the details but I can tell you I've never really liked CoolerMaster fans

    But they are saying this is their greatest fan ever, the Silencio 120. Is it though? I don't know. Let's find out!

    Static Pressure Optimized ... And recommended for silent PC? Hmm. It had better deliver.
    I've never really heard of a SP Optimized fan that's also silent because they're rare and usually industrial!
    I like the new boxes from CM though, professional and also very good on the presentation front.

    So it appears the POM bearing is a POS? The Loop Dynamic Bearing must be expensive considering that it doesn't come with any other accessories and it costs $25.

    Simple Inner Box. I like they are no longer using the awful reflective sticker!

    They just reused the box from the Jetflo 120 and placed less accessories inside.
    The fan though features 5 highly curved blades for maximum swept airflow and static pressure across a broad RPM range unlike current fans which tail off in performance below 800rpm if it's top RPM is 1500. That's how special it is. (Most if not all PWM fans can go lower than 800rpm but they tail off as I said)
    It is also a Delta-like design having being seen on a Xbox One Heatsink and that's also a 120mm fan by pure coincidence.

    How does it do? I used it on my Deepcool Captain 120 AIO on my Intel Xeon X5650 @ 4GHz 1.25v Uncore 1.25v in a Phanteks Enthoo Pro with a Powercolor R9 285 Turboduo

    Let's look at noise first where this fan shines. This is at full load under Prime 95 Small FFT as IBT freezes up my system and only eases up once the test is done.
    Not good when I need concurrent readings for temperatures.

    Did REALLY well there. The Jetflo is so noisy because it was forced to run at full speed otherwise the temperature of the CPU would have gone up.

    See what I mean? At 1000rpm on the Silencio is all this AIO needs to cool my bad boy 6-core with. I also got similar temps with a stock 5930K which is surprising because that's 22nm and on Haswell and that was done at full speed with the stock Deepcool fan!

    The truth shows. I don't even need to ramp up the fan on my 120(!) Deepcool Captain 120 AIO for the temps to lower because ... It won't.
    At stock settings though I am getting 51C with the Silencio 120 and 53C with the Deepcool fan at the same RPM.

    Closing up, this is a highly impressive fan. It retails for $25 at any SLS shops that stock CoolerMaster products and they should have it I think.
    BUT you can buy a GT in Singapore again from retailers, this time a Nidec GT (The ones who actually made it and designed it not scythe) distributed by Tech Dynamic
    The best bit is that this is a great fan for all sort of PCs, from ITX to Watercooled monsters!
    For ITX I have 3 recommendations, the Nidec GT, this fan and the Silverstone AP123. The AP123 has the advantage of directed flow but it is also noisier and lower in airflow.
    For watercooled monsters ... Just buy a Nidec GT. Just do it.

    I want to see though also, is the performance of this on a Raijintek Themis Evo that I have
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    I forgot to mention, the cable is a lot longer now. Awesome

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    Hmm $25... Same price as the gentle typhoons. Wonder how they stack up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwiftPolar View Post
    Hmm $25... Same price as the gentle typhoons. Wonder how they stack up.
    GTs are still better though I think, I don't have a GT but it still holds. Depends on your taste of course in any case these are seriously quiet fans

    It's not cheap of course this fan and that's a bummer.
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