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    [Unboxing] Transcend ESD400 Portable SSD

    Just got my hands on the Transcend ESD400 external SSD and I must say it’s a sweet device, what attracted me was the compact nature of the ESD400, and also the fast read and write speed. I’ve always wanted something that has fast transfer speed as I transfer large files to external drives often and every second counts and the ESD400 fits the bill.

    The Transcend ESD400 features
    - SuperSpeed USB 3.0 with UASP and USB 2.0 connection options.
    - Ultra-portable: Fits in your pocket
    - Dual-color LED power/data transfer activity indicator
    - One Touch Auto-Backup button
    - Includes a download of Transcend Elite data management software

    Unboxing the ESD400

    The ESD400 looks impressive, right out of the box I see this glossy looking compact box with patterns on its surface, and I got a good feeling that this is product will serve me well.

    So the first thing I did was to try it out, I was so excited I couldn’t be bothered with the box content. The figures on the packaging stated Up to 410MB/s and from my test it looks like the product exceeded what was promised, yay!

    Now that I’m done with the results, time to look at what else Transcend included for me for the ESD400 – the warranty card, the quick start guide, a few catalogs and a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed cable.

    I am able to use the ESD400 without having to install any additional drivers, Transcend provides a data management software that allows us users to backup files at t ouch of a button, really cool!

    One thing I notice is that the connection is different from the usual external drives, I normally use USB 3.0 cables but this one is the SuperSpeed version, that explains why the transfer speed is so good!

    One final bit to highlight is the pouch, the pouch comes as part of the package and it looks great. I’m glad that they choose the color to be black as I find it elegant and I wouldn’t want it to be in any color.

    Before I end, I’d like to highlight that the unit can be acquired from Lazada at affordable price – after all I get 256GB storage and lighting transfer speed. Transcend ESD400 256GB Portable SSD - USB 3.0 (TS256GESD400K) | Lazada Malaysia

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    What is the price in India?

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