It’s time to draw a conclusion regarding one of Intel’s most exciting CPU launches in recent years. And I have to say it from the very beginning – I am disappointed with the American company because there is no representative in Romania. And I’m disappointed that they use beaver oil between the IHS and the die, just as I’m disappointed that CPU prices have increased and although we’re dealing with a slightly improved architecture, the new CPU’s cannot work on the Z270 motherboards.

No, I’m sure sure about this, Intel is not one of my favorite companies this year, and the way a company for which I have had a huge respect for years decided to treat my consumers deeply saddens me. However, I can not let these personal feelings intervene when we analyze new products. Therefore, I have to give credit where credit is due and admit that Intel managed an exceptional launch, with products that actually bring something extra, after years of offering technological advances in small doses.

Finally, we are dealing with a considerable step forward, from 4 core Intel Core i3’s to the fabulous Core i5 with 6 cores, which will most likely run at 5GHz in most enthusiast rigs. The Core i7 8700K at 4700MHz is a real brute, giving AMD’s 1800X a really hard time, but the true star of this article, in my opinion, is the Intel Core i5 8600K, a CPU that will make both gamers and overclockers really happy.

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