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    Relocating overseas - should I bring my desktop?

    Hi guys, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum. I'll be relocating to China for work next month for the foreseeable future, and am contemplating the options for having a PC for work/gaming. Current rig was just upgraded earlier this year so I would like to utilize it as much as possible.

    1) Bring over my current desktop (CPU tower/monitor/peripherals) - cheapest option but most troublesome. Probably have to get additional luggage allowance on the plane. Luggage handling will be a concern.
    2) Building a new system over in China - seems costly. Judging from prices on ******/Tmall/Suning, electronics are more expensive there compared to SG.
    3) Buying a gaming laptop in SG - most convenient option. But I'm not a fan of laptops frankly, screen is too small for my liking. Cost-wise I can likely get a decent system for the same price.

    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Simple. Just bring the main components : CPU, GPU, RAM,SSD ur favourite mouse + mousepad. They're small and easy to carry. Buy the rest in China.

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