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    Need a cheap graphics card that can support 3 monitors

    I am currently using a Asustek Z77 Extreme 4M with onboard graphics that is going to 2 monitors. Would like to add a third monitor but the board can only do two monitors maximum.

    Would you guys recommend that I get a cheap used card that can output to 1 extra display and use it together with my onboard gfx? Or should I get a cheap card that can support output to 3 monitors directly? For either option, what model should I get? Don't mind something used tbh.

    I don't play games on my PC, just mostly web-surfing, youtube and work stuff.

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    I am selling my GTX 770 for S$200 no more warranty. Able to support your description. 3 monitors straight. Able to play Overwatch nad CSGO At max Setting Single 27" Screen as well. Not too sure about triple monitor setup.
    - Bids cannot be withdrawn
    -Sale will close 48hr since last bid unless BNP

    --- 9068 5195 (Boon Lay Ave 1, Blk 183C)

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