Why we need shower filter?
We have been chlorinating our bodies! Our body absorbs 6 - 100 times more chlorine during a 10 minutes hot shower than from drinking 8 glasses of the same water.

Shower Filter Validation
1. NSF certified Shower Filter.
2. Using combination of KDF-55 filter media and chlorgon

a) The KDF-55 Media
- Converts chlorine to zinc-chlorine which is classified as a food substance and can be found in vitamins and skin creams.
- It is a high purity copper-zinc formulation that uses a basic chemical process known as redox (oxidation/reduction) to reduce free chlorine, lead, mercury, iron and hydrogen sulfide from water suppliers.
- It also has a mild anti-bacterial, algaecitic and fungicitic effect.

b) The Chlorgon Media
- Not temperature dependent and converts chlorine to chloride at any temperature.
- Removes additional combined chlorines as well.
- Acts as mild anti-oxidant.

3. First Malaysian company to introduce Chlorgon Technology , patented calcium sulfite beads for effective chlorine reduction.

4. Filter lasts for 9 -12 months or 38,000 litres of water, whichever comes first, depending on water condition.

5. Patented structure to ensure high output.


Cash & Carry:
Shaw Tower, Weekdays 930am to 530pm only except Public Holiday
or Punggol MRT/ Watgerway Point