Wts black 1 month+ old 100% original korean minimotor speedway 3 52v 21ah 600w high speed ert motor electric scooter for $1599 cheap! Speed l1 come go 50km+ l2 can go 60km+ l3 can go 70km+ this scooter is very powerful scooter can go very far place and Come with 6 month warrtany battery and controller and motor and charging unit and motherboard and original recipete can prooft and original speedway 3 changer and original speedway 3 mini motor seat and 2 set of spare tire and air pump and tool set

Price $1599 cheap

Pls take note outside i know got many speedway 3 seller they selling very cheap but pls take note all they selling may not be original speedway 3 scooter because they useing china battery and china motor may not be lasting went useing the scooter so becareful

Just the Original speedway 3 battery only is already cost $1000+ already

Because the battery is the most importurn part and most expensive part in scooter

My scooter everything confrom everything 100% original and brand sanyo battery 21ah and minimotor speedway 3 controller and speedway 3 52v 600w motor and everything 100% original

Just like you buying a china brand product compad to original korean brand can see? Diffence alot right?

My scooter is 100% original korean minimotor speedway 3 electrical scooter so if you buying my scooter were confrom 100% peace of mind of my scooter

this scooter is black color and all is 100% original never mod before all item are original from korean minimotor

Can test before buying

I not a dealer or what i just a normal user seller only have this scooter only

reason why i selling cheap because i busy working and seldom use the scooter at all so just wanne selling off if intersted buying pls sms me at 85473430 self collect at hougang thank