Hey there, after a power surge cause by my motherboard( z87 sabertooth, got it changed already) my X60 has been giving me issue(both on the faulty board and on the new board) The Kraken Control will not detect my X60 on launch, but it still maintains it's silent profile.
I need to reconnect the internal usb to have the software detect it! Also on every boot, i hear a Hardware Disconnect tone and i believe it's the X60(i've tried a boot with no usb device as well as gpu, only the kraken was left there because it is require to boot to windows). And i'm on win8 so there's no boot up sound.

I've tried reinstalling the kraken control software as well as reinstalling the X60 driver. This only happened after the surge and i suspect that it has damage the X60. What are your thoughts on it? If it is can i do a 1to1? Please help!