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    Why you shouldn't be a salaried individual your entire life

    To be enslaved forever, or not? Your choice.

    Why you shouldn't be a salaried individual your entire life

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    Maybe some people find this type of jobs attractive but I don't think they are.Anyways, there always will be wage workers until robots come to their places, of course.

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    If you want to be your own boss then you need to be an entrpreneur. You are always free as you can take your own decisions at any time for any cost. Many people does not join an office because they can not work under the supervision of anyone.

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    I prefer a business to a job. The problem is that not everyone has the resources to open their own business. It is also not adviseable to take a loan from a bank to kickstart the project. Trust me no one likes to take orders from a boss. But you have to live in this cruel world.

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    Some workers have already been completely replaced by robots, so I think we don't have to wait long before all work, especially the dangerous and hard kinds, is carried out by robots exclusively.

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    You should try to enter into the world of business. I know that not everyone has the luxury to do business but you can invest if you are motivated enough to take a loan. There is nothing better than start your own business. You are your own boss. What do you think guys?

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