We are looking for a retail executive who can work part time or on a contract basis at our Kovan store. The store is located quite close to the mrt (about 2 mins walk) and receives occasional inflow of customers both regular and new from our social media marketing.

We are not located at the mall so foot traffic is not that heavy. Working environment is pretty chill so this is not your typical retail job that you see in the mall. Tasks are also much more varied and less hurried.

Responsibilities include:

1) Tending to customers when they come into the store, recommending the proper items.
2) Stock management once restocks in the form of boxes come

3) Taking care of online orders as well and helping to pack those orders

4) Any miscellaneous stuff that needs to be done around the store

5) Handling returns/repairs if any

Working hours are from Monday To Friday 12 to 8pm. You may also opt for the Saturday shift of 12 to 6pm in lieu of one weekday.

Starting salary is $7.50/hour and may go higher depending on length of stay + performance.

We are looking for someone who can stay on for at least 6 months or more based on a contract/hourly basis. We welcome anyone who has a good attitude, willing to learn and who we can trust.

Please provide your resume (work/study) if you have one

Please whatsapp me at 97115572 if you are interested