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    Door-to-door canvassing (potentially $160/hr!)

    We are a Singapore registered company specialising in tuition services. We are paying $10/ hour of door-to-door canvassing. You will be given a short training (< 1 hour) on how to collect client base of parents that are interested in acquiring tuition services. Commissions ($150) are as follows: 1. Verified mobile number of parent looking for group tuition - $5 2. Successful payment of 1st month tuition fees from parent $45 3. Successful payment of 2nd month tuition fees from parent- $50 4. Successful payment of 3rd month tuition fees from parent- $50 It's definitely possible to collect a number every hour and have the parent register for lessons. You will be trained to explain to the parent that we have the best tutors available and how we are better than competitors. You have my word in paying commissions as I believe in rewarding the people who have done a good job. Since you have the contact of the parent, you can also verify payment of tuition fees. I will also reengage you if you have done a good job. Duties: -Going door-to-door in North-East / Central Area HDB flats -Obtain contact information from households that are available -Distribute flyers for households that are not available -Timing on any day between 7pm – 10pm (flexible duration of 1/ 2/ 3 hours) Requirements: -Female, age: 16-30 -Bilingual in English and Chinese -Pleasant looking -No obvious tattoos or brightly coloured hair -Mobile data available for Whatsapp, GPS Interested parties please contact 98553463 with your name, age, gender
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