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    Best value camera? What to consider when purchasing a camera?

    Am looking for a slim portable camera that shoot hd photo, and not bulky dslr
    Mirrorless, compact, superzoom, what the different?
    Also the specs - what to take note?
    things like Maximum ISO, etc

    with so many camera, what would you recommend? something that affordable around 500 or below

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    I don't know any camera that can't shoot hd photo haha...

    Depends what your purpose of the video camera. Primarily video? What sort of video?
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    my fav. recommendation go to funan their got courts harvey norman challenger... go to these shops try out every cam under your budget. See what sales person try to talk to you compare than u will get your answer...

    Not that we cant recommend it seem you dont even know what u really need/want from a camera.. so how to help.. sob sob....

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    In my opinion Nikon D3300 is the best value camera because it comes under the budget and it comes with DSLR technology.

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    I support the last comment, I had to work with Nikon D3300 for a bit and was satisfied with it. The quality is just brilliant, and if you buy a few additional lenses, then it'll be priceless. You won't be dissapointed.

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    The best value camera is that one which covers all aspects of photography. You need the camera to be waterproof, steady, high magnification power, strong and powerful lens and most of all HD crystal display. Nikon covers them all.

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    There are many things you need to consider before buying a camera. There is water-proofing, durability, lens power, result, etc. If you want to buy a camera under the budget, you should look at Nikon. They are one of the best camera manufacturers under the budget.

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