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    Lightbulb Newbie needs advice on camera bag

    Hi guys,

    I recently acquired a used set of camera and lens from a relative. Kinda looking to buy the a decent bag ( dont really mind slightly pricey option)
    Come across the crowd-funded brand call Peak Design. Anyone got use them before??

    And also find 10% on this site ~ . hopefully it legit cuz Lazada more ex
    please feel free to suggest any other shops

    Thanks all in advance!

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    When I bought a camera and a bag for it, I didn't pay attention to the manufacturer. A capacity for a flash, additional lenses and accumulator was more important for me. And quality, of course. If you don't want to take a new one, I advise you to inspect it before buying.

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    Cameras are expensive piece of technology. Just their lens cost hundred of dollars. To protect them, you need camera bags for them. The best camera bags are the one which are light, easy to handle, strong, tear-free and most of all cheap.

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