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    28th MO: Yinyoo V2 Dynamic Driver In-ear Monitor

    The reviews are in... Yinyoo V2 has been receiving praises and recommendations from several international websites.

    AudioBudget Reviews

    zpolt Reviews

    TechManZ Reviews

    Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews

    Super* Review

    After months of tuning and re-tuning, the Yinyoo V2 is finally here! Yinyoo approached me some time in October 2018 to re-tune their V2 because the original tuning was "not good enough". Revisions after revisions, we finally got it right. Today, I am offering the V2 at SGD 55. All purchases include an impact resistant zip case.

    The V2 sound is well-balanced and pure. Its unforced clarity is easy to listen to for hours on end, because there is no boosted treble or trickery of any kind; the V2 just go about their business sounding accurate and natural. The remarkable clarity lets you follow each instrument and musician more easily than earphones/headphones with boosted bass or overly-accentuated treble.

    The V2 is tuned to sound neutral and balance across all music genre. The bass, midrange and treble frequency ranges are perfectly proportioned, so the V2 sounds great with most types of music like ballads, oldies, folk, country, contemporary, soft rock, acoustics, vocal jazz, etc. Bass fanatics may crave for more boom and weight, but the bass is all there, and bass definition and detail are exceptionally precise.

    Listening to acoustic music with the V2 is a joy as the combination of detail and warmth brought out the best in the music. If Bob Dylan, Eagles, James Taylor, John Denver, Simon and Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Jack Johnson, Nirvana and Dave Mathews Band, etc are your cup of tea, then you will truly enjoy the V2.

    Available in silver only.

    TRN Bluetooth module for Yinyoo V2 - SGD 45
    NEW & IMPROVED TRN memory foam tips (2 pairs) - SGD 6


    I accept payment prior to ordering via PayNow (transfer to +65 98805223 or scan the QR code below), POSB/DBS/UOB/OCBC ATM transfer, Internet Banking transfer or DBS PayLah!/OCBC Pay Anyone. International buyers may use PayPal (add 3.9% + SGD0.50 to the final total). Interested buyers please SMS/WhatsApp to me at 98805223. (Please provide your name. Do not call or SMS after 11pm and before 7am)

    PayNow QR code scan

    MO closes on Friday, 18th January 2018 at 6pm (Last order at 5pm). All payments are to be paid in full.

    All items listed are strictly sold through mass order ONLY. I do not have overstock.

    Delivery of goods takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

    I offer 2 methods of collection and delivery. They are:

    1. Self-collect at my block in Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 (weekday after 9pm or Sunday afternoon), or
    2. Via SingPost SmartPac with tracking SGD 5 for up to 3kg or package size 300mm x 190mm x 70mm. Delivery to doorstep or letterbox within mainland Singapore


    Actual frequency response graph






    Also known as Larry, this true-blue Singaporean is going through a midlife crisis; he is grouchy and sarcastic. Previously taught in a public school, now a full-time tutor, Larry wants to divert his attention from his teaching job and focus on something he truly loves - hifi audio. A self-proclaimed audiophile of 40-odd years, Larry first exposed to "high-fidelity" at a tender age of 6 when his dad hauled back a set of Sansui-Luxman-Coral combo from "a friend's place" (so that Larry's mom believed it was a given set). He fell in love with the sound instantly, and the rest is history.

    Throughout the years, Larry owned many "nice" equipment and accessories... until the year 2009 when he discovered Chi-Fi or Chinese Hifi. An euraka moment, it was the sound he had been looking for all these years despite spending thousands and thousands of dollars on branded, highly-reviewed equipment. He sold everything (except a few good cables) and downgraded to pretty much bare minimal. Larry wants to share his Chi-Fi journey and offer its great value to fellow audiophiles.

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    "...but hifi is a hobby that requires more than just a fat wallet." - Wild Lee of Venture Electronics

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    "...but hifi is a hobby that requires more than just a fat wallet." - Wild Lee of Venture Electronics

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