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    MO: Invisible Socks for MEN (Some Ready Stocks)

    Are you wearing your loafers without socks?
    Can't stand your uncomfortable, sweaty and smelly feet?
    Want to wear shoes without looking like you're wearing socks?

    Guys, here's your solution!

    Invisible Socks for MEN

    What are the Invisible Socks?
    The Invisible Socks are specially made for low-cut shoes such as loafers and canvas shoes. Think ankle socks are low-cut? Think again. Invisible Socks are even "lower" than ankle socks! You can wear the Invisible Socks without looking like a fool on the street. Enjoy the comfort of quality socks and yet retain that naked look!

    Witness the difference

    The socks are made of 75% cotton, 22% polyester and 3% spandex to provide extra comfort, strength and stretchability. The material absorbs moisture well and dries fast, keeping your feet cool and dry at all times.


    Free size
    Fits shoe size EUR39-45/US8.5-13/25-28cm

    Now available in 10 colors to match your mood and personality!
    Black/White/Grey/Navy Blue/Lime Green/Ocean Blue/Red/Orange/Coffee/Nude

    Actual color may differ slightly from image due to effects of lighting.

    Clearance Sale!
    Price: $3 per pair
    4 pairs for $10

    *Free shipping with every purchase!*

    Stock Status
    Ready stocks: Orange, Lime Green
    Other colors out of stock

    How to Order?

    For non-VRZ members, please email [email protected]

    Step 1
    Transfer the FULL amount to:
    POSB Savings 557-69962-7

    Please use your VR-ZONE name as your iBanking initials

    For UOB/Citibank transfer, pls PM me for acct details.

    Step 2
    PM me the following information:
    Contact Number
    Quantity & Colour
    Amount transferred
    Mode of transfer (iBanking/ATM)
    Registered mail (Yes/No; add $2.50)

    Note: Full payment is required when placing your order. Your order will only be processed after the amount has been transferred and verified.

    MO Details

    • Free shipping with every purchase (via normal postage). For registered mail, please add $2.50.
    • Registered mail will only be mailed out every Saturday. Normal mail will be mailed out on a daily basis.
    • I am not responsible for items lost or damaged during shipping.
    • No COD/meet-up. All orders will be mailed.
    • I reserve the full right to cancel/amend the MO at any time.
    • All sales are final. Items sold are neither exchangeable nor refundable.

    Never go sockless again!

    Why should you buy the Invisible Socks? See Post #2!
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    Why buy the Invisible Socks?
    We did a comparison with other brands in the market and concluded that the Invisible Socks are among the best in terms of quality, cutting, and size.

    To demonstrate the size, the sock is fitted over the entire loafer

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    maybe getting 6

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    This does look like female socks =X

    But good stuff though, alot of these really low cut ankle socks tend to slip off at the back. This cutting seems to have a higher back that's less prone to slipping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dexterr View Post
    maybe getting 6
    bro sent u a PM

    Quote Originally Posted by mokky_123 View Post
    This does look like female socks =X

    But good stuff though, alot of these really low cut ankle socks tend to slip off at the back. This cutting seems to have a higher back that's less prone to slipping.
    haha, actually not really la. the female ones got lace. i think it actually looks quite cool considering not very common.

    out of so many loafer socks i tried, i can say this is one of the best

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    Wahhhh .... have pink colour !!!

    I wanna get a few
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    Quote Originally Posted by |ce View Post
    Wahhhh .... have pink colour !!!

    I wanna get a few
    haha, one of my favorite colors. u've got PM

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    [vRz] ConfuﮐeD ™
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    I want 3. Orange, grey and navy blue. When all got stocks tell me!
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    Yeah need to know when the restock cause the other colours, errrrr too bright...

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    Err... No Money!! yukita's Avatar
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    interested, but wait till stock come ba hahaha....
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    Quote Originally Posted by yukita View Post
    interested, but wait till stock come ba hahaha....
    sure thing. will update this thread when stocks arrive

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