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    July 19th, 2017, Singapore - In March 2017, Singapore based global live streaming platform BIGO LIVE completed Series C funding and announced an active user-base of 70 million subscribers. Just 4 months later in July, BIGO LIVE reached a record-breaking of over 150 million subscribers with over 45 million monthly active users, marking BIGO LIVE’s tremendous success globally covering more than 14 countries and regions since the launch of the app for, all in just 400 days.BIGO LIVE’s live streaming sector dominates Southeast Asia markets in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Besides that, many more newly registered BIGO users are coming from new markets such as Russia, Middle East, India, South America, Australia and some other territories.As a global live streaming social platform, BIGO LIVE integrated leading video streaming technology with low latency and best quality beauty camera functionality.BIGO LIVE officially launched into global market in March 12, 2016, primarily targeting young audience group aged from 18 to 25. BIGO LIVE users can watch a variety of live streaming content in trend and interact with live streaming hosts in real time.

    What makes BIGO LIVE stand out in the intensely competitive market sector?

    # 1 Winning Formula: Right Timing, Global Vision, Seizing the Right Market OpportunityIn 2016, live streaming business becomes one of the most sought after-business sectors in tech. BIGO LIVE is among the first group of tech companies to seize the market opportunity and adopts most innovative tactics to create a structure that allows lowest market costs while building an immense user-base. BIGO selected Southeast Asia countries including Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia as the brand’s first targeted market territories due to these markets immense growth of population, well established web environment, and a record surge of local internet users. After strategically setting up BIGO’s market plan, BIGO topped the charts in App Store for nearly most of these targeted market territories. In April 2016, BIGO topped the Thailand App Store as the No.1 downloaded app in Thailand for 10 consecutive days, and it continued to stay on the Top10 list for most downloaded app in Thailand.

    # 2 Winning Formula: Global Vision, Market Localization
    BIGO deeply embraces cultural diversity as its business goes global. Besides BIGO’s global market penetration strategies, BIGO has set up a global network infrastructure allowing multi-cultural web adaptations to ensure the fastest live streaming speed locally. No matter in India, Russia, Middle East or North America, BIGO users unanimously claim BIGO Live app to be the fastest and the lowest latency live streaming app they ever used. With servers set up in multiple locations, BIGO Live makes it possible for users to open the app with no latency and switch rooms in different territories with ease. Offering the best user experience is BIGO’s magic key to keep up with high user retention rate. Data proves that BIGO Live users spend on average 40 minutes on BIGO Live app.As a company embraces globalization and cultural diversity, BIGO’s multi-cultural value is also reflected on its organizational structure and its internal management team. Many of BIGO’s management members have formerly served companies including but not limited to Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, Intel, etc.

    # 3 Winning Formula: Multi-Cultural DNA since the launch of the App
    BIGO LIVE is a Singapore based company with its global headquarter set up in Singapore. Singapore’s multi-cultural influence has made positive impact on BIGO’s company vision for globalization and cultural diversity.
    About Bigo
    Founded in March 2016 and headquartered in Singapore, BIGO LIVE is a mobile Internet company focused on live streaming technology and platform services, and is committed to building a leading global community video broadcast platform. BIGO LIVE user interface is simple, a large number of users in Thailand on the line a month later won the Thailand App Store and Google Play social class list first. On-line only 10 months, the global membership of users exceeded 60 million, is the fastest growing live platform.

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    i like bigo, i login bigo every day

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