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    NOTICE: To all users of this Financial Planning & Investment forum

    To all VRforum Members,

    Regarding "touting" for business/clients
    I has come to my attention that there are a lot of "touting" in this forum. We initially open up this forum to help people get to know the market and have a active discussion of investing their money. But it turns out that a lot of you are just here to get "customers". Actually, there is no wrong in that. If you are here to contribute, explain and discuss....I got no objection.

    But I see more and more threads of "misleading" information on investments. I am no guru in this area but I do have loads of friends in this line. There are many young members here and I DO NOT WISH to see anything here go bad.

    So please stop all this "touting" and contribute more into this forum. We know that some of you are purely here for business and I would advise all of you to contribute to the community instead of just thinking of getting the next client. Would suggest that you people get to know the forum better before just going straight into getting business. When you are really part of the community, then are you confirm a place in the hearts of the members here. If you continue, basking or touting for business you are just making things worst.

    Discussions to be open and transparent
    To protect our members, all question and answers should be done in the threads where all can see. In any case where members DO PM you to tout and sweet talk you for business or vice versa, I ADVISE again to have all information discussed in the public forum.

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    Welcome everyone! Before you use this forum, please take note of the following:

    No free lunch
    I should point out the obvious that there is usually no free lunch, especially when it comes to making money. If an "investment" scheme sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn't a reliable investment. Many schemes that promise extremely lucrative gains are often not sustainable in the longer term. Most have little or no underlying business models or products, and they can only give fuzzy, general statements that the business is in commodities, trading in stocks, etc etc etc.

    Do your own homework
    If someone mentions a scheme, investment product etc that you are unsure of, do your own homework before jumping on the bandwagon. DO NOT assume that any threads left untrashed or unedited are "sanctioned" by VR Zone or any of its admins or mods. No thread in here, and no offer of investment in here, whether by admin, mod or normal member, is sanctioned or approved. Most are in here to read up and discuss. None of us is responsible in any way for any damages or loss whatsoever arising from your reliance on any info in this sub-forum. YOU are responsible for your own wellbeing.

    Some schemes may be legitimate invetments, others may be elaborate scams. Here is some basic Wiki info for a start:
    Ponzi scheme:
    Pyramid scheme:

    Discuss in the open forum
    As booest has stated, be wary of members who refuse to post details or explanations in the open forum and contact you privately or ask you to PM or call them. You deal with these people at your own risk.

    That's all folks! Be alert and prosper!


    P.S. booest's post above has been modified to consolidate some of his other important notices. Pls read it before using the forum too!
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    Hi all,

    I came across this interesting development and thought of sharing it since it's about investment. A lot of Singaporeans are buying a lot of Iskandar properties but i think Iskandar is slowly getting saturated. Was looking outside of malaysia and chanced upon this. It might sound a little strange but i think investing in Cambodia will be the next big thing.
    I actually went down to the show flat to take a look at the development and it was really quite something. Oxley (Singapore listed developer) guarantees 18% returns within the next 3 years.
    i personally felt like it's quite a draw because it's reliable (At least we know it's a Sg developer) and the returns are one of the highest in the world. on top of that, there isn't any ABSD, SSD, TDSR, which basically means… you're able to flip (which is a haven for investors).

    If anyone is interested, i chanced upon here , so maybe you can learn more about it.

    Good Luck everyone.