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    Back to the thread.

    Save water by;

    1. Washing your laundry on a full load rather than half load.
    2. Use a cup and fill it with water for brushing teeth instead of running water.
    3. Turn off the tap when soaping during your bathtime.
    4. Do not use a running hose to wash your car. Use pails.
    5. Wash your vegetables in a tub of water with vege rinse. You use less water.

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    buying books

    if you are a book worm, don't buy book at retail . Buy them at warehouse sale. It a lot cheaper. Recently, i bought 10 books at times warehouse sale for $45. If i were to buy at mph, it will cost me $200++, You can check the book warehouse sale by visiting expo website, i know of mph warehouse sale at this year end.
    Books selling at $4 dollar instead of 29.90 , Do you believe it?

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    Dont own credit card money.
    Dont borrow money, unless you can make a profit out of the borrow money.
    Lead a debt free life.

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    Grow your money instead of living it in the bank. If your money does not beat the flation rate of 1~2% a years, your money depreciate and you lose money.

    Stay in a smaller HDB unit, more government subsidise

    Dont buy product that come with feature that you likely not using, eg buy VCD player and not VCD recorder if you just want to play VCD.

    Buy reliable product then cheap product. You might end up paying more.

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    Stay at home don't go out. :cigar1:

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    Die early. Do not stay in hospital


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    A solid understanding of financial management is essential for a person to differentiate a sales pitch from others. In order to spot real opportunities, one needs to have a clear understanding of the subject.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yaoyao
    Actually a good tip on money saving,
    is NOT to lose money.

    In short, if its too good to be true, it probably is.

    Dont be cheated when doing investments of any kind.

    Quoting from TURMP?

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    lemme add my contribution:

    For students (like me)
    when recieving allowance start of every mth/week/day just put aside abt 10% of yur allowance to save. Then u can spend the rest!
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    Hello world!

    I think the best money-saving tips i can give are as follow:

    o Try not to buy a product in a season where it is in great demand. Take for instance, umbrella is usually more expensive near the end of the year because of the higher frequency of rainfall. So it would be wiser to purchase umbrella near spring or autumn period whereby the need for umbrella is not so much. It requires long planning horizon.

    o You eat to live and not necessary live to eat unless you are really a person who enjoys eating so much! Personally, i think that whatever you eat, just eat in moderation. Try to avoid fast foods which are generally more expensive. Instead, why not try eating at hawker centre which fill your stomach and is cheaper?

    o Never buy when you only need to use it once or twice. Rent it instead.

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    I'm running home from home, eat at home; save transportation+ eating damn lot to buy other stuff
    try not to spend too much on women

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    Quote Originally Posted by Static-X
    i surggest u change ur num 2 to drink plain water instead of canned drinks..
    more healthy oso....... ~

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    Quote Originally Posted by harddiskppl
    I'm running home from home, eat at home; save transportation+ eating damn lot to buy other stuff
    try not to spend too much on women
    i must be the one that provides the rental.

    Rent out stuff that you don't use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yaoyao
    sheng siong got a habit of keying more items then u actually bought
    esp if u are the kind buy trolley loads of stuff
    better double check the receipt

    (added: personal experience from bedok res branch only)
    The tanjong katong branch that i always go have no problem. But u don't look down on sheng siong staff, they are very familar with the products one like this one is buy 3 for $1 they will know one. Or u buy magnolia milk got free cup they will know how to give without asking.

    That is the thing i like about them. And they charge exact. Didn't have problems with billing before at that branch. Now the aunty's working there also forced to learn how to use computers since they upgraded their systems to IBM PCs.

    The worse one is at shop and save tanjong katong complex. The staff are really lazy. Sometimes you buy 2 of the same item then they lazy to scan or forget then scan one only. Or people buy vegetable didn't see properly the label write 50 cents they can charge 30 cents.

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    small savings add up, big spendings also add up. while i try to be careful about what i spend on, sometimes i also splurge on impulsive purchases which i later realise i don't need.

    a balance i suppose. no point being a spend-thrift, die rich with no joy living life.

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