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    I've never come across startegies that included trailing stop. Does it have a name? I'd like to look into it.

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    There's no name and, actually, there's no startegy. I trade in the ususal way, I just set trailing stop.

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    Not many people use trailing stop. At least, it's not often that somebody mentions it on the forums or in strategy descriptions.

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    I don't like trailing stop, to be honest. Cause when it goes off, the corridor where the price can change rapidly becomes smaller. Sometimes the price can go back a bit and only after that it moves in the normal direction.

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    Yes, it's true, it happens sometimes. But is also happens that the price goes to the take profit level and then turns around and breaks tha stop loss you've set.

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    Everything depends on how precise your forecast is and how you set stops. If the gap is too small initially, then there's nothing to talk about)

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    Btw, when I was teaching a couple of people to trade, I noticed something. I don't know why but newbies like to set really narrow stop loss and their trades are often closed because of it.

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    They're afraid to lose money. I don't see any other explanation. When I started trading I also worried about any movement in the opposite direction.

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    Maybe they are afraid but they just lose more. I've spent some time watching them trade. There were so many nice and profitable trades that failed because they hit the stop.

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    I've read somewhere about this guy who set stops when scalping. He traded m1 and m15.

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    I've been scalping a lot this month, btw) I had too much spare time so I gave it a go. That's what I accomplished.

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    It looks quite nice. Why don't you trade like that all the time?

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    Becuase of my job. I usually can't spend that much time on trading. Maybe I'll do it once again next month and that's it)

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    And how many hours a day were you trading? And which time frames did you choose?

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    You're interested in my regular style of trading or how I tried scalping?

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