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    You can find all sorts of information on brokers now, so it makes it hard to fall into some scammer's trap. I've checked forex optimum on all forums and everything, all the reviews I read were good, so I had no doubts.

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    You're the one to judge, but I defeinitely wouldn't do that. I need to trade with a minimum deposit for a long long time before I'm ready to transfer more money.

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    You know what, I agree with you. I'm also super cautious when I choose broker. I prefer to know about the possible and actual problems I might have beforehand. I liked what I saw when I was testing optimum. It's really nice that the broker actually delivers what they promise on the site=)

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    I traded with crypt on Forex Optimum at the weekends. Currency pairs were not available. This broker has 5 cryptocurrencies. Honestly I traded with crypt on CFD for the first time. It was strange at first. I associate crypt with speed, and here I had to wait in order not to lose. But I finished with good profit in the end.

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    I traded with crypt with this broker too. I remember I made quite a good profit with litecoin once. Crypt spreads are fine and don't bother me. The leverage is up to 500, and this provides additional trading opportunities. Well, you already know it.

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    Any problems with money withdrawal?

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    Optimum even has a cryptocurrency account with a minimum deposit of 1mBTC. This is convenient if you are engaged in crypt and want to invest. There's no need to look for various exchangers because you can deposit directly from your wallet.

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    I've traded ethereum on forex optimum. I managed to profit quite well. I only regret I didn't open a deal for bitcoin. It's been dropping lately. I personally saw bitcoin losing 110$ in price within an hour recently.

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    I also trade crypto on optimum. But I open deals for several currencies right away. Fortunately, there are a lot of it. And there's also 1:5 leverage. Real crypto forecasts is just a fantasy. I'd even create a special profession. Besides financial analysts there should be cryptofortunetellers. They should look into the magic ball and make forecasts. I assure you, there will be crowds of people desiring to know the price rate of bitcoin for the next week. )

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    It's not funny, actually. With crypto on optimum, I managed to cut my whole set of teeth. Especially in the beginning, when I fussed too much and failed to close orders in time. But lately I managed to get more or less used to it. Crypto gives good profit, but the risks are also quite high. I insure myseld by trading other assets too.

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    I don't understand those who say it's bad to trade crypto. I've been trading crypto for a long time. It's really good on optimum actually, and I manage quite well. Of course, I lose a lot of nerves. But it's worth it. This broker has quite good terms crypto-wise, the spreads are average on the market. There's even a cryptocurrency account.

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    I'm still trying to determine a pattern regarding the reaction of crypto on the news. But no success so far. Of course, if valuable investors decide to shake up the market, it's also going to be the news. But so far they haven't included it into the economic calendar, and they don't tell me about it personally. So I'm left guessing.

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    I noticed that, too. For example, eos has lost 30% in two days. I couldn't find any reasonable explanation for that. Complete nonsense.

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    I trade currency pairs on forex optimum and every time when I come across various analytics I'm surprised how different can the forecasts for the same asset be. For example, a lot of analysts predicted an increase for AUD/USD, but now aud is actually falling. Also, because of the events in Turkey, USD was predicted to fall, but actually it grew. I prefer simply looking at indicators, it's more reliable.

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    Where do you think analysts look? They also rely on indicators, patterns and build various figures. For example, I trade shares and it's a less risky asset, but I still use technical analysis and indicators. Generally speaking, all assets are subject to the market laws, and this basically makes the theory of probability, which is adjusted to the market realities. Everyone chooses for themselves what and how to trade with.

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