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    I trade almost everything what's presented on optimum. I usually keep around 10-15 deals with different assets open. It might be less profitable, but at least the risks are minimal. Although I'm still not so sure about trading crypto. Now people write different things about crypto. Bitcoin is falling, miners sell their farms, even some big investors leave the crypto market.

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    Yes, I've also read that the most profitable investments are in precious metals. It's quite understandable. In the conditions of global instability, you can trust only in gold. Personally, I'm not interested in long-term investments. I trade and I want to get profit here and now. And currency pairs for me is exactly what I need.

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    But even when trading with currencies you need to take politics into account and not only economic news. When Trump announced about the possible withdrawal from WTO, dollar rose immediately, and I, for example, see how with the disagreements between the USA and Iran on the background, the shares of oil companies started to drop. Not linearly of course, but now generally, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, for example, is slowly going down.

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    Of course, you need to bear everything in mind. On optimum, I trade indices on cfd, for example. For example, Australian index AUS 200 has dropped from 6300 to 6255 in 24 hours, and then after the news about the trade surplus growth it started to rise. Although analysts think it's not going to take long.

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    And I'll still try trading crypto. This asset is going to stay on the market forever now, whatever they might say. It's just supranational and it's impossible to control it, that's why it's going to occupy a still bigger place in the financial system. Although legislations of some countries have defined bitcoin as commodity, but not money.

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    Nah, crypto hasn't been profitable lately. Volatility has decreased, and spreads remained the way they were. Bitcoin dynamics per day are less than the ForexOptimum spread. I have no idea how to make money on this.

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    The dynamics of bitcoin is lately rarely pleasing, I agree, but for other cryptocurrencies, Dash, LTC or monero the situation is better. Although the spreads as a percentage are the same as in case of the bitcoin.

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    Maybe, but to me this voluntary restriction is rather strange. Why pay attention to experimental currencies with a sad future in case of a possible crisis, when more promising assets are available in the standard account. Recently, oil has lost a third of its value. This is a real example of how you could triple your deposit in a week. And what was bitcoin doing at that time? Correct. Nothing!

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