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    Hm, how to say… if you follow the regulations and don’t violate the broker’s rules, nobody is gonna cancel anything. At least, I’ve never been in such situations.

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    Ok, it’s always better to test it by yourself than trying to guess. So I’ll put some money in to click on different stuff in the terminal and then I will order the money withdrawal. We’ll see how it turns out.

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    You shouldn’t doubt anything as the broker is good. The spread is excellent, the terminal works without any problems, their support service is on the high level. I also haven’t had any problems with cashing out.

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    Which payment system is better for cashing out?

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    There are many payment systems available; you are free to choose the most convenient for you. Personally, I use webmoney, although perfect money is much better because the commission is 0.5%.

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    How much time does it take to cash out in average?

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    Generally, they give 24 hours according to regulations. However, it usually comes faster. The last couple of times they’ve done it in 2 hours. I really like how fast they cash out. Actually, you’ll get to know it soon as you have the deposit now. So, just test it)

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    I just wanted to know more) Thanks for your answers. I will test it and will update you on the results if you don’t mind)

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    Well, how are you getting on? People are quiet now, probably after brexit )) It had happened for quite some time, but the market reacted quite strongly on the exit of Britain from the European Union.

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    My trading is stable and pretty good. And about the referendum and the withdrawal of Britain from the EU, I had envisaged the possibility of strong movement and at that moment the market hadn’t raised, but then I made money on the retracement)

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    I also thought that I would raise money on retracement, but entered the market too late and took only 20 points, then - retracement and I decided to fix profit.

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    20 points - it's very nice, and if you entered the market with good lot, it’s really good. By the way, retracement is pretty good strategy, it never let me down.

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    Strategy is not bad, but we must always don’t forget one very important thing that the price during a retracement is in hand of traders, and here you may lose if all want to buy or to sell.

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    Guys, hello, I just recently have created here an account, I hope you would help me and answer my questions)

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    Hello, sure. new companions are welcome, that's just before ask questions, read carefully this thread, there is already a lot of interesting inf.

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