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    Why are you so interested in this broker that you decided at once to open here an account?

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    Nothing special, I have a pretty standard story, I traded earlier by another broker, he began to delay payments and to interfere with trading. And now want to trade with this broker because many friends are here.

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    Well this broker sure hasn’t issues with withdrawals, and no one would interfere with trading-you've come to the right man)

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    I know about honesty of this broker, many of my friends trade here and recommend me him. Although I see clearly difference in the quality of work, even now the profit is more due to my strategy, to the good work of the terminal and good execution

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    Hey, haven’t been on this branch for a pretty long time, and also haven’t worked with the broker for 2 weeks… However, yesterday I managed to close 2 orders with profit)

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    Bad for you that you haven’t been trading) Now I really regret that I haven’t met this broker earlier because it’s really nice and convenient to trade with them.

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    I had a rest from forex because there were plenty of work to do.
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    As for me, I’ve been trading pretty much for the last week and I’ve already cashed out. The sum is pretty good, but it would be just like they pay on the real job if I had a bigger deposit) By the way, you could have already used some robot to earn at least something

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    No, thanks, trading robots are not for me. I’m used to manage my deposit by myself and make decisions on my own. Even the best robots can’t compete with humans, so I’m sure that if you wanna lose your deposit, just let the robot work alone…

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    Why are you so sure that robots are so unreliable? I use them sometimes because they’ve proven to be very useful…

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    Don't know. Maybe it's something psychological, but I don't trust robots and advisors, I would better make the decisions and take responsibility independent.

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    Yeah, to use advisers or not is only a personal matter, and here opinions are usually 50/50, the main thing is that the broker doesn't prohibit to use them

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    Good point, samosren! I take robots easy, but they can be the basis for a trading strategy for someone, so, I have a friend that trades with this broker only using robots - and he earns well off.

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    With robots or without them, the main thing is to make profit and to withdraw. I treated myself with a small withdrawal for pocket money recently.

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