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    Yeah,really petty cash... I'd probably not even bother with the withdrawal of such money....

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    I can easily withdraw more, but don't want. Sorry, who are you to judge about my payments?)

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    That’s good, that you asked me about it. I'm just sizing up the broker. And here's a question for you - You trade, so what is a maximum amount that you have withdrawn without problems here?

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    In general, they withdraw every amount without problems. On a personal level, I withdrew great sums of money without problems. No numbers, everyone should mind their own business.

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    No worries about withdrawals. The broker is not the first year in the market, knows his business and values his reputation, moreover, you can look at this thread, and there are many evidences that the payments are OK.

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    It's nice - new people are interested in a broker, I boast of trading in such a popular company, cool)

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    Forex optimum, in my opinion, is not the most popular broker, but it's no worse than the top brokers, if not even better.

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    How is it better than top brokers? Or maybe we should ask another question, if you take the top brokers in comparison to Forex Optimum, then why are the top ones considered better and more reliable?

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    I didn't say that top brokers from the top rating, if that's who you mean, are better. Ratings are not the parameter to look at, it's a characteristic, which should be taken into account. Ways of withdrawing, duration of withdrawal, level of support… those are things that you should be looking at.

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    Why do you think so poorly of raitings? How did they do you wrong? )

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    I agree that ratings are not the deciding factor. Study various ratings. Each has his own brokers at the top. Why's that? Because the top spots are for bought, that's why. I once myself wrote a letter to a rating and asked how much it would cost to post my company in top 10, i was told that they need more details and asked me to send a description of the company and wanted to know how long i wanted to be at the top. I didn't write to them afterwards.

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    I thought this is all done through voting, I myself always vote for brokers I trade with. I believed them…

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    Come on, there are honest brokers, although I haven't met them yet, but that' doesn’t mean they don't exist!))) I used to believe in ratings too at one point. I remember a broker got up to the fifth spot in a rating, and I believed he got there honestly. I was interested, would the picture change the next day... it did, this broker piveted from the 6th place down to # 27. i even believe it was forex optimum. i also wrote a letter to the rating administration and asked for an explanation, but received no answer. most likely that the points were manually taken away, which the broker had made by votes.

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    That's nothing, I once witnessed a rating where the second place was absent!! Obvously, the one who was buying it, hadn't payed for it, and he was kicked off the rating, and a new one hadn't arrived yet!)

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    Ha-ha, that's really reaching the limitations of existing brokers. A real rating starts with the 3rd, 5th or 10th place. It depends on the rating. Anything below number 10 is probably real. Another amazing observation, about a month ago I saw a broker that doesn't even exist anymore hanging proudly in 5th place. I suggest we drop the topic of ratings, we must all agree, they're not worth our attention.

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