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    Should I believe reviews on the web? Sometimes reviews contradict one another, how can I tell when they're being written for money or if they're authentic?

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    All reviews should be read with sceptisism, especially the positive ones, there's a good chance they were paid for, also you should look at several resources with reviews at the same time.

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    But how can I understand which reviews are paid for and which are from real traders? Real happy clients can also write positive comments.

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    By me, the most reliable and easy way is to simply try the broker out for yourself, see how withdrawal works and the execution, etc.

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    There's another unpleasant thing here, some test the broker on the demo account, but trading with the demo can be really different from trading with a real account.

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    To fully examine how the broker works, you can create a cent account, there you can be sure the trading will be fullfledged as with bucks accounts.

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    That's a possible option. I was just thinking about whether it's possible to make assumptions of a company or a broker solely based on reviews.

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    Whether or no to believe reviews is your personal choice. I'm leaning towards the idea that you need to test and check things yourself, but i always read the positive and negative with a healthy dose of sceptisism, especially if it's not confirmed by anything.

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    What do you mean, no confirmed? You're saying that besides reviews there should be more proof of a broker being good or bad?

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    Of course, you should always pay attention to the structure of the text, and the informational message, if the text is clearly written by a newby and isn't constructive, then it's most likely a paid review, but if it's confirmed it will have a constructive point of view, and that's when you can put it in the maybe pile, for instance, if there's proof that the broker gives withdrawals easily.

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    Well, thanks to everyone for their answers, now I'll be more consious about my approach to reviews. By the way, I've encountered only good things about this broker, do you think that's a good sign?
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    Who knows, if positivity is based on facts and not just empty words then that's a good sign, but if it's just blah blah blah, then it's just someone trying to draw attention to themselves.

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    THat's the thing, that all the positive things that I read and saw as a rule were based on something, so I can come to the conclusion that the trust level for this broker is quite high.

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    I don't know about trust but for me personally it's just comfortable to trade, and in terms of trusting the broker or not, I'm neutral about it.

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    Why the indifference, has this broker done you wrong? I personally never have problems with it...

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