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    Forex Optimum

    Hello everyone. I’ve been looking after this company for a long time, but I still haven’t managed to open an account there. Wanna hear the real traders’ opinions about the company. What about their conditions, orders’ execution, money withdrawal?

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    Where does your interest to the company come from?

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    I’ve just started to trade with the company. Their execution is good, the terminal works properly, and the support is decent.

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    Can you prove your words?

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    I don’t even know what you want from me. Here is a screenshot, I hope that’s enough for you and you won’t ask any questions in the future.

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    Yeah,that’senough.Thank you for understanding, now I can trust your words.

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    Well, what can you say about this broker’s performance and his terms?

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    I would say more than bearable, I can even say okay, the terminal operates without delays and bugs; the spread is quite ok, well, answers of support are also adequate, but this is only my personal opinion.

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    I've also decided to open a small account, decided to see at first hand this broker’s work.

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    And I'm still in thought, would like to try too, but I haven’t spare cash now, so I will keep watch over your business in this company.

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    Oh, finally someone started a thread about this broker, and I’ve traded here for a couple of months, couldn’t find a place on this forum where we can discuss the terms and write reviews about this company.

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    Well, ok. Personally, I can say that I still like this broker, he meets his obligations, the small spread is benefit too.

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    Does anyone trade on news with this broker? I wanna check out how their terminal works under high load.

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    Although I’m a big fan of this trading method, I’ve still had some testing rounds. I’ve found out that all is OK; the system works without any glitches or freezes. It seems that the broker uses powerful and reliable servers.

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    What about profitable deals? Do they cancel it?

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