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    Question about Credit Cards

    Hi there, does anyone here know how long it takes for a credit card to be given and ready for use after applying for one?

    And is there any one you'd specifically recommend?

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    I think the answers here can be various, it'll all depend on your choice. You should look at concrete companies which interest you.

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    Sometimes it takes just one hour to do that, again, it depends on the bank and the type of card you want to get

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    Even in the same bank, cards may take different amounts of time. It also all depends on the card. A regular card or with a small limit is easy to get, but for example with your name you'll have to wait longer, but the card itself will also be more secure, and the credit limit will be higher.

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    It all depends on the bank you've decided to get a credit card from. But, on average, it takes from a couple of hours to several days.

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