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    Are there any problems with registration and verification on Umarkets? How is funds withdrawal done?

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    There are no problems with registration and verification. Everything's done as usual and quickly. I had no problems with funds withdrawal as well.

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    The service fee for cryptocurrencies really upsets me. I find it unfair to pay 100 bucks per lot, when there's no service fee charged for regular currencies. The spreads are wide plus the fee, plus the leverage 1:5. You basically get no profit in the end I hope the administration is going to pay attention to traders and meet their needs.

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    I think the time will pass and the conditions will improve, competitors never sleep. If anyone makes a better offer, Maxi will definitely react. For example, recently the leverage for cryptocurrencies was even worse, 1:1, now it's 1:5 at least, that's way better. I'm on a break right now, I haven't decided which strategy to follow and which crypto assets to use yet. Do you do insider trading?

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    No. I just correlate the movement of majors on the minor pairs and use the MACD for more confidence. Monero pretty tough after bitcoin and Monero's spread isn't very big. I can see a couple of entry points per day. But it's not enough. Unfortunately, the spread and the service fee don't let you trade more actively.

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    Oh, cuanto fue escrito sobre este tema, no sé que puedo añadir más. Tienes que tener cuidado lo primero con tus propias emociones

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    I've got an account on a cryptocurrency. The fees aren't so high there, but there's no leverage which means the profit is 5 times smaller. I don't like it either that's why I'm searching for an adequate broker with cryptocurrencies. I've checked many of them already, but the majority doesn't have a lot of cryptos, and even if they do, then it's mostly crosses, which isn't the same thing. Also, I wouldn't like to pay fees for the crypto/USD exchange. If, in the nearest future, I don't find a broker with a zero exchange fee and a smaller initial deposit amount, I'll probably open an account in Umarkets.

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    In the light of recent events, I mean the decrease in the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market, the crypt loses all appeal. I don’t see much sense in your search)

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