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    UMarkets - reviews, discussions.

    Recently, I've started trading with this broker. In general, I like the company except for a few things. The order's execution is high-quality, the support works quickly and properly (they helped me a couple of times with my questions), money is also withdrawn on time. But it's just my opinion. If you have another experience with this broker, please write in this topic.

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    I'm only trading in a demo account for now. They seem to have a nice asset range. Plus, the platform works well, just like you said. Which asset are you trading now?

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    I trade different assets, it depends on the market situation. I try choosing the one with higer volatility and lower spread. So you only trade in a demo account? Any plans on opening the real one?

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    I want to try trading on umarkets. I've checked the platform and the trading conditions. But I'd like to hear the opinion from those who have already used it.

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    I've been trading on umarkets since quite recently and with mixed success to be fair. This broker has a lot of assets, spreads are mostly fixed. Minimal deposit amount is $500. Try using demo account at least, anyway you're not risking anything.

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    There are several types of accounts: mini, standard, gold and platinum. Of course, they all have different minimal deposit amounts, from $500 to $35000. The minimal transaction amounts vary respectively. Spreads decrease too.

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    I haven't been trading long on umarkets. It's good for trading. It complies to all the terms and regulations. Perhaps, it might get worse in the future, but so far it's alright.

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    I doubt that it's going to get worse. I've traded there for quite a long time, never had any problems. It withdraws money without any problems, as it's supposed to.

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    What about spreads? How does the platform behave? I've struggled a lot with my broker to be honest. It gets frozen all the time.

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    I've been considering this broker too, but I'm interested in cryptocurrency more. Speaking of umarkets, what about cryptocurrency?

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    On umarkets, spreads are fixed and quite reasonable, in my opinion.

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    There are a lot of cryptocurrencies, even for a regular broker, – around 15 kinds. So there are no reasons not to trade with this broker.

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    I've traded with bitcoin on Umarkets and I didn't get a thing of what happened. According to all forecasts and insider information there should have been a fall to 6400-6500. And suddenly there was one big candlestick at 7500 at once. I'm still feasting eyes with this disgrace. A stake to my grave. The rate went down little by little after that. But that was only after...

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    That's a usual thing with crypt. Everyone explains these jokes as they can. Is it okay to trade with crypt on Umarkets in general?

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    I see no obstacles to do that. This broker has too many crypts for a broker like this, there are about 15 types. Crypt spreads are floating and a bit high to my mind. Bitcoin spread is from 100. They are lower for other currencies, of course, and almost the same. This broker has 1:5 crypt leverage.

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